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Hey all,

Just wanted to say HI to everyone and sorry I haven't been around (and haven't been able to help with any server side bullshit, surf :/ )  My hiatus is not permanent, just workin a 12 days on 2 days off full-time job, and a part-time job at the same time (trying to make that full time to get rid of the other one), after family life, no minecraft time left over :(  should be back soon though hopefully... AND WITH A VENGENCE! In the meantime, i present some weird shit from my long travels! More to come! see ya later all!




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  1. Gorgo Says:

    haha just finally visited this again. and just gotta say: trekking with storms is so brutal. It’s just pure baddassery in linear form.
    Figured you’d appreciate that thought.

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