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How do you use YOUR browsers

Now I know this isn't Minecraft related but I think most of you will enjoy the two pictures I put together. You see, different parts of the Internet work better for different browsers, I use three.

And here is how I renamed them based on what I use them for

If you understand the message behind this joke, please write it in the comments

    2 Responses to “How do you use YOUR browsers”

  1. porjos Says:

    Bahahahaha, that is good stephen! Sadly, I have to use Internet Explorer to apply/monitor my government student aid…gay? Yes it is. The FAFSA website will not run on any other browser…

    Chrome is the shit, and still beats Firefox in java tests. Hardware acceleration on Chrome is better also. Unless you like alot of awesome extensions then Firefox is still lagging. Regardless, IE is a steaming pile of vulnerable shit.


  2. William H Carlton Says:

    I’ve heard that the latest release of IE does not blow as much as previous versions. But I don’t really care to check it out; Chrome is my boo. Everything porjos says is true. And we share the one thing we use IE for.

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