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Hey Everyone!

Since Cody commented that it looks like no one is on...I figured it's a good time to make a "how's everyone doin?" post. I've seen 8-10 people on at a time in the last few weeks, it's been way busy from my view, but it comes and goes over time.

I need to make a video so you can see what I've been doing...lots of woodworking projects, building cabinets in my office.

Comment with what you've been up to!

    15 Responses to “Hey Everyone!”

  1. Omo Says:

    LOL you don’t want to know…..>:)

  2. MadBrains Says:

    Been very busy with end of school projects and also playing some new games. I really haven’t even gone on MineCraft forever.

  3. Omokisei Says:

    Other games Kyle!? IMPOSSIBRU

  4. Pondster Says:

    Blashphemy! Even though I play other games I log on! Getchur face online!

  5. Paddy Says:

    I have been studying for many… many tests :(

  6. Omokisei Says:

    Paddy I miss you :(

  7. Troom0 Says:

    Pissing off omo and league

  8. Omokisei Says:

    Pshhhh when’s the last time you actually talked in chat, hmm? And who is “the league”?

  9. Boukebrink Says:

    I’m mostly online around 7 PM CET. thats the time I’m working on my farm town. And also I’m going off for 18 days for work(in the period from 9th June to 25th June) I hope i have wifi there but ill show up sometimes on IRC to check how you guys are doing.

    Also that period I’m working on a huge festival. If I remind myself i will take pictures and will make a post about it.

    For info about the festival: http://www.oerol.nl/engels/what-is-oerol/

  10. iKips Says:

    i’ve been being an absolute pimp and rocking any and all school projects as of recently and running a lot. GOT A MARATHON COMING UP ON THE 16TH!!!!!

  11. Cammy (cambodai) Says:

    I have been playing skyrim and in MC I am making a town with a fortress

  12. cncr04s Says:

    I’ve been trying to hold my self together, you wouldnt know it if you seen me but shit is going to shit all around me.
    other then that, its just the same old wait wait wait of years hoping things will be better one day.

  13. Strange_Turkey Says:

    Pimpin the bitches, getting fucked up, partying, oh and i got a new rc plane, work, making moneys

  14. MadBrains Says:

    Now I am busy playing DOTA 2. :)
    (and still school)

  15. Omokisei Says:

    I’m getting bored of survival… (That is until 1.6 comes out). Plus I got back from Virginia and I need to finish a summer project. AND OF COURSE EVERYONE RETURNS WHEN I TAKE A MINOR BREAK!

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