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Hacked =/

We were hacked with a minecraft login exploit today. We were totally unaware of the exploit and Personally am dissapointed that this information was not spread around so people could fix it.
We have fixed the greifing and updated the server. Whats more sad is that I would have updated soon any ways and this wouldn't have happened.

I post this in case any one is running a server that reads this, because I sure didn't know about it.

They Were able to confuse the server into thinking they were a different user, in this case, surf.
If you spot any one, now it seems owners included; doing any thing out of the ordinary like greifing or not acting in character, let us know by clicking on the help! link to the upper left of this post.

Article I seen this in here

    6 Responses to “Hacked =/”

  1. Boukebrink Says:

    I read about it on reddit and its pretty serious. I wasnt able to warn you because of work. but still. good job!

    I also hope it wasnt my account

  2. pirate06 Says:

    wait what?!?! thats a pretty damn big exploit they had there, wow :o
    glad everything is good now and i also share boukes view haha

  3. Cambodai Says:

    This explains what happened the work I did yesterday

  4. Omokisei Says:

    You can definitely tell when I am out of character!

  5. Slaytalon4 Says:

    When will the server be up again?

  6. Painkiller Says:

    Hey whats happened to the server? Or is it just me or something…

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