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Griefers Goan Grief

Hey Everyone!

Well, it appears that we got griefed sometime last night.... a strange one too.  Mostly peoples wooden structures missing wood, and mostly only wood missing from chests.  Guess someone realllly didn't feel like making an axe.  But the strange part is, that it happened VERY widespread throughout the world, so it would either be an owner (no) or someone hacking.  So we should be able to figure it out, because gorg and I think we have narrowed down a time frame, and I'll check the logs and see what I can dig up once I get off work tonight.  In the meantime, if you got hit, you can ask an owner to item you whatever got stolen/ruined (owners, please tp and check the damage so people aren't abusing it). I <3 all.



    4 Responses to “Griefers Goan Grief”

  1. Rtkermit Says:

    I think it’s surf

  2. IMGArY Says:

    No, it’s me.

  3. surfrock66 Says:

    I think it’s surf too!

  4. IMGArY Says:

    They’re in on it together! It’s an owner conspiracy!!!!!

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