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/give fail

Ok, going through the logs, I've seen plenty of people unsuccessfully trying to item things to themselves, but this one was particularly good:

2011-06-01 13:52:46 [INFO] fireball1379: give fireball1379 64 diamond
2011-06-01 13:52:52 [INFO] williamhcarlton: lmao
2011-06-01 13:52:55 [INFO] williamhcarlton: nice try fire
2011-06-01 13:53:07 [INFO] [PLAYER_COMMAND] fireball1379: /give fireball1379 64 diamond
2011-06-01 13:53:07 [WARNING] fireball1379 was denied access to command.
2011-06-01 13:53:26 [INFO] williamhcarlton: at least it wasn't "give fireball1379 64 TNT"
2011-06-01 13:53:32 [INFO] fireball1379 lost connection: disconnect.quitting

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