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Future of Teh3l3m3nts

Hello, We had a recent bout of activity, which was great! But I suspect that 1.8 is the reason many people do not come to play any more. In fact its probably been the main reason all this year.
So, knowing this and knowing something else that I'll let you in on:
Bukkit is the software we run to have our server, and its mods, Unfortunatly Bukkit is dead project now. It won't be updating to 1.8, no reason to keep running 1.7.
So knowing both this, I want to start to run the server on Vanilla 1.8, this is the normal minecraft software.

I'll be making the switch soon, I want to get peoples opinions on if we should use an existing world, or create a new world.

I'd like to add that, going this way, we will lose access to multi worlds, everything in them. We'll lose locked chests(lockette) as well as lots of other mods.
It's a big change, going back to the roots, but as far as I know there is no other server software we could use that is updated as frequently as vanilla server.

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  1. velvet_winter Says:

    new world :) old one is good but its time to retire the old girl, especially with the new water temples

  2. Drewamon Says:

    I think that this would be an awesome step for the server. Not being updated to the latest Minecraft version is what caused the original purge of people during 1.7. And for the new world, I think it’s a great idea, the current world is getting old. Oh, would we be able to bring our items over to the new world?

  3. KingOfThePond Says:

    As much as I have so much work, time, and memories in the old server… Save the world somewhere and start anew. The only concern of mine is that new players will be able to come in without the noob world trials, so we could be griefed relatively easily. What could be done is setting the default gamemode to adventure, then having some sort of process to test new people, then switching them to survival if we trust them. As for lockette… I have no idea how we’re gonna work this.

    On a side note, I REALLY liked vanilla world, so everyone being in a vanilla world sounds great to me, almost an improvement. We’ll be a lot more connected and we’ll be forced to make cool things like tunnels, roads, and rails to connect to each other. It’s the closeness of the server that I like so much, and if we do a vanilla server we’ll be collaborating a lot more.

    And just saying, http://prntscr.com/4orolm
    And there will be an official API at some point, so we won’t be completely bare forever.

  4. KingOfThePond Says:

    Also: https://storify.com/lukegb/the-tale-of-bukkit-for-minecraft-1-8

  5. Mike Says:

    I say wait for Bukkit to update to 1.8 and then we’ll figure out from there.

  6. Cambodai Says:

    a new world sounds good, I would love to come back. also you could switch to a whitelist

  7. kingofthepond Says:

    I just really like the idea of a new world with a vanilla server. We’re all so far from each other…

  8. Slaytalon4 Says:

    New world and a white list, I would say, would be the best choice for switching to vanilla. It seems like a reasonable alternative and if it doesn’t work out, can’t we just switch back?

  9. Boukebrink Says:

    maybe we should run 2 servers… 1 open and as the new “noob world” and after a certain period of time, people get whitelisted to the main server.

  10. Cambodai Says:

    I second bouke’s Idea

  11. KingOfThePond Says:

    I third Bouke’s idea.

  12. Slaytalon4 Says:

    I fourth Bouke’s idea.

  13. Drewamon Says:

    I fifth Bouke’s idea.

  14. kingofthepond Says:

    So when will a decision on what to do with the update be made?

  15. cncr04s Says:

    Ive been busy. If you want a second server,some one needs to pay for it.

  16. cambodai Says:

    when do you plan on switching the server to vanilla?

  17. kingofthepond Says:

    I think with the amount of new players we get (not too many that we’ve cared for), we should switch to 1.8 vanilla and whitelist all players with member+ rank. Is Surf still alive? He has the physical server, so does he have to do it himself?

  18. surfrock66 Says:

    I’m not dead! I had a baby! I’ve been totally swamped! Based on my new job (starting on the 24th of October) and the baby, I have like 0 times for gaming in forever :(.

    That being said, I do have the physical server, so I can do anything needed…I can’t imaging playing any time soon. Cnc, just e-mail me if you want me to do anything…I haven’t even looked at that server in months :( As long as i Have 1 backup of old_world just for nostalgia, I’m ok with anything :)

  19. Shelbie8 Says:

    Sounds good.. Boukes idea seems reasonable, and I think this would be a nice start for the server. it would give people an opportunity to build new things and experience more this way.

  20. naruto Says:

    I think we should have a new server and a new world and a whitelist with only the OG teh3l3m3nts players

  21. IMGArY Says:


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