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Full game of Minecraft

Hello everyone rtkermit here, the full game of minecraft is coming out very soon. So as you know we have multiple maps, one of them is the update map, that every time an update comes out we update the map to the latest version. Since this will be the final big update in minecraft we can move to the update world without losing our work. This does not mean you will have to abandon the current map we use, that will actually still be our main world. I wanted to get a list together of people who will help me create the new spawn in the update world. So if you could please just comment and say that you want to help and any ideas you have.

    8 Responses to “Full game of Minecraft”

  1. pigeonsnackwrap Says:

    i’ll help with new spawn

  2. Overjoyed_Worm Says:

    I’ll help with the new spawn

  3. pirate06 Says:

    i’ll help, i can make a transport infistructure :D

  4. sbrough10 Says:

    I’ll help, but how exactly do we define what “spawn” is in the new update world?

  5. LightningMan00 Says:

    I can help

  6. cncr04s Says:

    Pick a better “spawn” site lol, the last one sucked

  7. spikey202 Says:

    maybe one where theres different biomes in each direction?

  8. LightningMan00 Says:

    In my honest opinion, deserts and swamps would make the best spawn areas because there aren’t very many mountains and a lot of flat lands.

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