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Hello everyone!

As some of you guys may know, I'm building a huge factory near the museum in spawn. But that isn't the end of the project. I also made a checklist for farms to be built/finished

Here are the farms:

- The iron trench(massive iron farm): I'm running out of time to finish it and it took a lot of time to build so far. So I'm asking someone of you with good redstone knowledge to finish the machine. All materials are already gathered so the only thing that has to be done is finish the sucker. Here is the tutorial on the machine:Video


- Blaze farm: I still have to make time for this machine. this one doesn't require a lot of redstone knowledge. I found an efficient but simple farm. Tutorial: Video


- Gold farm: No design found. Feel free to come up with your own designs.


All materials can be supplied or taken care of by yourself.


When the factory at spawn is finished, it will be public and free to use. The only thing I ask is: Keep it supplied with all the resources you used.