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Allright folks.  Due to the inactivity of the leaders of both Legion and Elite, I say we call for the next in line of these factions to start building and working.  Kermit. Get. The. Fuck. On.  Besides that we wait, build, recruit, and prepare for war. I'm not sure what sort of war this will be, but I am fairly certain it will be epic.

    6 Responses to “Factions”

  1. rtkermit Says:

    i have school and sports wont be on , sorry :D

  2. iKips Says:

    kermit, is it alright if I lead Legion and Turkey co-leads? since you wont be on often.

  3. Omokisei Says:

    Can I be third in command?! :D

  4. EpicBlob Says:

    Yeah I’m getting attacked with school. Bouke/Shelb (if they haven’t already) can take over Elite.

  5. BoukeBrink Says:

    Blob you need to give us acces to the commands. otherwise we cant change the faction. Hobo has been on and I think he can lead, together with me, the faction

  6. iKips Says:

    bouke, he needs to give you mod powers.

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