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Do you LIKE being griefed

Ok, this has gotten ridiculous. Every week someone asks me to spawn them items because they were robbed and every week I find one more structure demolished or partially destroyed because of a griefer. I have no problem helping people out when this happens but it is so frequent and we hardly ban enough griefers to make up for it. Obviously there is one or multiple griefers on our server rippen shit up and pissin people off. People get mad about it and complain but they forget and it seems like nobody really cares. I get that this is just a video-game but, at the same time, you guys want to ENJOY the game, right? You know, I hate to keep bringing it up, but we never found out that Audr was a cereal arsonist until I looked into it. He had been doing this since the server went up in December and nobody paid any mind. But isn't it nice not having to worry about 1 more griefer trying to obliterate your creations? I have appointed myself the Chief Investigator (CI) of the griefings but all I really need is for more people to report the crimes to me as soon as they realize it and try and give me a rough time frame between when they knew that, for example, their stuff was in their chest and when they found out it was gone. Even if it could have happened in a WHOLE DAY the information is helpful. And you guys think I'm going a little bit crazy about this then think of it this way, i don't want this griefer, who we've already identified to exist, to steal my shit so I want to find out who it is and ban them. How ever you want to look at this, we should take action to actually AVOID the griefings rather than cope with them. We shouldn't have to adjust our enjoyment of the game to fit with the stealing and burning.

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  1. IMGArY Says:

    Wait…audr was setting cereal on fire? What kind? I’d bet corn flakes would burn up pretty neat.

  2. NIkewarrior Says:

    or you should wait a little bit longer to promote ppl to members, and really see what happens

  3. Landon Flaniken Says:

    I agree with Nike, what’s the point of “noobs” if we member them after 1-2 hr (sometimes even 30 minutes). We shuld also nit be doling them that if they rnt dicks we will member them cuz then guess what, they aren’t dicks but as ssom as they member up, BOOM!! Grievers on the loose

  4. porjos Says:

    I think what your doing sbrough is awesome…wanting to investigate and solve griefing problems. BUT…

    Honestly though, I’m sick of HEARING about griefing. People need to stop being dumb-ass’s and start HIDING there shit in decent places…start being proactive about other people who have the capacity of being douches. There are ALWAYS going to be incidences of griefing and stealing…the best we can do is just deal with it…because at the end of the day…it IS just a game…and at the end of the day…griefer’s are just queers living in their mom’s basements adding inch’s to their pee-pee’s.

    I love you sbrough…you’re a good man to the server…and more power to ya to solve cases of griefing. I just don’t want to turn the server into Fox News with exaggerations of rampant griefing and leading a witch-hunt on the server for who is doing what.

    Mine recommendation: build a house, grow a farm, build a statue of a golden penis…have fun.

  5. Landon Flaniken Says:

    Not be telling them*. Sry Didnt mean “nit be doling”

  6. William H Carlton Says:

    I totally agree on not membering people up too fast. We’re an awesome server because we don’t whitelist. The second you join you can start having SMP fun on an epic map. Anybody that likes can cruise to the IP and start doing what Minecraft is for. Member privileges do make it easier to be mobile enough for “cereal” griefing (lol), so we should be reasonably confident in the quality of new members before they become so. It’s not too much to ask for people to join, chill, and let us see what they are all about before we give them the ability to rush someone’s place and quickly /home or /spawn. Remember, n00b privileges are no different from what any of us had for like two months before we re-installed Bukkit. If people can’t deal then they can surely GTFO. Any sort of impatience with these MORE than generous conditions tells us right away what we’re dealing with.

    Another thing, people please be careful if you are building with wood or wool when working with lava or fire also. I learned this the hard way. If you find your shit burned down it could be entirely possible you griefed yourself. Then again, if your chests are empty…

  7. AUDR09 Says:

    GUESS WHO! That’s right, I’m watching you guys. And yes I was burning mad cereal up in that bitch.

  8. AUDR09 Says:

    P.S. – Porjos, I don’t live in my Mom’s basement and I don’t add inches to my “pee-pee.”

  9. HossiusMaximus Says:

    I have found that fruit loops burn the best…lucky charms are almost indestructible!

    Why don’t you all just get the plugin with protection blocks, then sbrough would not have to go all Sherlock Holmes.

  10. porjos Says:

    I have verified reports Audr that you had a 4 inch wiener before…but ever since the “incident”, you’ve grown to be a robust 10 inches long…

  11. Landon Flaniken Says:

    Porjos, is that a compliment or no? 10 inches is nothing to be ashamed of lol

  12. Landon Flaniken Says:

    And amen to William about being proactive and before bukkit, us non admins and non owners were once noobs ourselves (who occasionally got on the nerves of admins and owners :) )

  13. AUDR09 Says:

    Yes, I am a robust 10 inches, and it’s all thanks to my “activities.”

  14. AUDR09 Says:


  15. porjos Says:

    I will tirelessly fight for a trial if you post a picture of both Bill Paxton and Bill Pullman and in the forum.

  16. AUDR09 Says:



    You’re welcome.

  17. AUDR09 Says:


    and again you’re welcome.

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