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CTF rules

we need admins and owners to help test out the new "capture the flag" game i have set up on my sky build. keep in mind that its still under construction and some things will change as i continue to build.

rules and pics after the break

this if the field of battle. it can handle up to four teams but today we want to try just two.

we start of with every one in there own base and at sunrise the game starts  and will end at sun down. who ever has the most points at the end wins.

if you die you warp to ether "rteam" or "bteam" and climb the chain up to play. this serves as a sort of cool-down. you can grab a set from a chest by your team warp. 

a set is a diamond pick, a bow, and one stack or arrows. bricks are worth 5 points and obsidian is worth 10. after you grab the other teams flag you place it in your base.

things you are NOT allowed to use are: TNT lava and flint'n'steel.

things that you can bring but aren't suggested: armor and swords. As you will not get a replacement and going to grab it will cost time.

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