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Congrats to New Admins!

Congrats to the 2 new admins, rtkermit and kirbyf! We still need at least one more, but we really are looking for someone that plays late at night. If you have any nominations, leave them in the comments!

    10 Responses to “Congrats to New Admins!”

  1. Morate Says:

    To the new Admins: Great job, guys! Ur soooo LUCKY!

    To the Owners: I don’t know of anybody who stays up late at night playing on the server, but I’ll ask around on the server for u guys to see who does, and let you know. I don’t get on TOO often because of schoolwork, but if you can’t find anybody, I’d definitely be willing to do the job.

  2. KaiserApfel Says:

    Well I don’t know if he plays late at night usually, but Hostile165 is a pretty good guy. I think he’d be good at the job. Congrats to the new admins.

  3. Kirbyf Says:

    I agree hostile would make a good admin. also WOOOO ADMIN!

  4. pirate06 Says:

    congrats to the two of you, may you use your powers for good :)

  5. Oscar Says:

    i would wish to nominate pirate06, i think he does a pretty good job, and would probably make a great admin, plus he is in the uk so he can get on 2am eastern time and cover the early mornings

  6. pirate06 Says:

    i’ll nominate myself, put my name into the mix of things :) love you

  7. Rtkermit Says:

    I nominate pirate ;)

  8. Landon Flaniken Says:

    VETERAN ADMIN ALERT!!!!! well hello there rookies. ;) I put my vote in for hostile165

  9. LightningMan00 Says:

    The new admins are so lucky

    I would like to put my vote out for pirate as new admin

  10. pirate06 Says:

    so when do we find out? lol

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