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Raiding the Stronghold!

Lucas and I raided the stronghold!  We found it with eyes of ender, and it turns out it's actually surface exposed in an underwater ravine.  I set up a conduit to make exploration easier and in we went.  It turns out cnc already found it, but hadn't found the end portal yet...because it was SO HIDDEN.  This was a huge stronghold and we think we raided all of it.  We found the end portal once, I recorded the coordinates, kept exploring...then completely lost it.  I had to dig towards the coordinates to find it again.

Nevertheless it's done, and we made a VERY LONG video documenting it.  It was an experiment in creating video assets and using replay mod...I hope the video quality goes up over time.

A proposition

I have a proposition for the factions of teh3l3m3nts but I figured I'd do it in person so here you go!



Castle Estel

For some time now our member lvdarkwolf has been making an epic castle, its being constructed stone by stone with inspiration from the original Castle Estel created by Revolve.
She feels its time to show it off to the rest of the world.


Click read more, for more pictures, Its best to view the video in a new window. "Watch on Youtube"
Images and video captured by cncr04s.

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Minecraft 1.0 release celebration!

heres a video of our celebration for minecraft 1.0!

rember to back up your files before updating!


Tubbllebunk trial video

if you missed the trial today then never fear, trials will now be recorded and uploaded to youtube, heres the link

see post below for result...