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We Found a Cave…

Lucas and I heard mob noises under our base…we thought we lit it all up, but it seems we didn’t, so here’s our adventure. Amazingly, we didn’t die the whole time!

Gullopolis is Giving Away Skeleton Horses!

We get so many lightning horses we decided to give them away, there’s now a spooky stable at spawn. Enjoy!

How Item Filters Work

I keep seeing tutorials on building filters, but no one explains how they work, so I tried my hand at it.

Downward Piston Mining

I get into spots where I need to dig downwards, I’ve gotten some feedback that this technique isn’t well known.  You can use pistons to push blocks downwards and sideways to tunnel down and into lava!

Capturing Skeleton Horses

Lucas and I got ambushed with skeleton riders one day, we captured them so we could add them to our collection. Here’s the adventure!