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Starting the 1.17 Shulker Farm

Now that 1.17 has dropped, it was time to start the Shulker Shell farm we built!

Our adventure to new 1.17 Base Camp!

We were finally able to upgrade to 1.17!  Here's some raw streams of our expedition to new chunks!

Building a Wither Cage in the Nether

I needed to move the wither cage from the end, so I had to build a new cage by breaking bedrock in the nether. It was VERY complicated.

We Built a Flower Farm

I wanted easier ways to get dye, so I found a flower forest biome and built a mega-farm.

I Built a Villager Trading and Raid Farm

I found a pillager outpost and decided to combine a bunch of farms around it, including a villager breeder, villager trader, and raid farm. Here's the whole shebang!