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so when are you ready (pirate,kermit and epic) for the challenge? just write in the comments, we are on all day/night tho 😛

Fantasy Football

Well, we couldn’t get enough people so I am not doing the league. It’s a sad day for Minecraft fantasy football players everywhere.


Hello folks, its me gold!
how you may have heard, iam looking for 3 brave explorers for a challenge!
you have to beat me, kiwi and ma3ta in a adventure map that takes about 4-5 hours?!
u maybe want to use skype!?
if u are ready for the challenge mail me, or just write in the comments.
the 3 fastest will be chosen!!!

Fantasy Football Update

Hey, been some time since I brought this up but I still want to do a fantasy football league with some of my mine craft buds. We currently have rtkermit, nikewarrior, bustacapps, and me (maybe surfrock66?). I hope to get 8 people so we need at least 3 more. Please comment to tell me if you would like to join.

For those who do want to join, send an email to lanflan@comcast.net with your yahoo email.

Fantasy Football and Minecraft? WHAAAAAT?!

Hey guys:

Don’t yell at me but I might be trying to combine Minecraft with football…eeeek! But it’s true, I want to join the two. I hope most of you know about Fantasy Football. I am thinking of creating a fantasy football league just for you Minecraft people who want to play. So basically it would be a Minecraft fantasy football league that we can compete against each other in and if the owners agree, the winner could maybe get a prize on Minecraft!

This might work or it might not. If you are interested, please comment on this post or email lanflan@comcast.net with your yahoo account username and email. If I get at least 8 people, we can discuss a time for the draft that works for all of us. Just another activity for the server!

– Landon