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Mapping out the Main World

So, in an attempt to help revitalize this withering community, I've started putting together a map of the server. Here's my progress so far:

teh3l3m3nts map June 15

I tried to display as many builds and landmarks as I could find, but I had a hard time finding the official names of most of the locations I've marked. I would like to thank KingOfThePond, a.k.a. JDawg, for his help in identifying some of the locations and their names and, if you have any suggestions as to what other points might go on the map or have corrections you'd like to make to existing pin points, please say so in the comments.

The New Sign (for now) :D

Ok so weve been needing a new sign for a while now, as there hasnt been one since the new world, so ive made one, by all means not the final version, please comment to alterations you think would be good, and thanks for he support :D lots of love velvet /pirate/666

P.s wont be on today, got my engagement party lol but ill get on as soon as i can :)

Spawning Mobs in the New Cheatarena

So the new cheatarena is finished, so we played with spawning mobs. Did you know you can spawn any mob as a mount to any other mob? Like an enderdragon riding a pig? Or a Giant riding a ghast?

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If you had an area you were working on, and you came back to find it like this....what would you assume happened?

Isn't there a word for doing stuff like this? Here's my burned down forest.

Guess someone thinks my project is a...

Surf Builds in the New World…

All this faction fighting! What is the line between faction war and griefing?!? OMG DRAMA!

Taking from the courthouse in old world, it was clear that a place was needed for arbitration between factional groups. Nevertheless...this is new world and things aren't supposed to be as easy as they used to be. So I build a serene mountain monastery where issues can be worked out.

I have provided the following screenshot...everything you need to know is in this picture.