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Building a Diagon Alley Door

Lucas wanted a “Diagon Alley Door” in the style of this from the Harry Potter movies.

So I made this:

He’s been learning redstone, so I prototyped it in our creative area to make a schematic that he can rebuild in his base. To make it look “random” it’s 6 flying machines going in somewhat different orders when opening and closing. To activate it from the outside, you throw any item in the cauldron (and you get it back as a dispenser pops it through the floor on the other side). From the inside, you press the button; it auto-closes in about 5 seconds.

It could probably be compacted, but for his needs this is perfect. Also things like the water column for vertical signal transmission are fun because it makes bubbly noises which “is like potions” so it works!

Here’s the Schematic!

Here’s the spacing; yellow and green are above ground level, blue and red are at/below ground:

Digging out a MEGA PERIMETER in the 1.17 area

After we established base camp in new 1.17 chunks, we sent out a tunnel bore to get deepslate. The tunnel bore hit a mineshaft with about 9 cave spider spawners and a zombie spawner. We also found 5 geodes in close proximity, so we started building farms. The problem is, the entire area is under an ocean, and the buildup of mobs under the water caused severe lag.

We decided to build a perimeter, but because farms had already been built, world eaters or raining tnt wasn’t an option. We were going to work mostly by hand.

We Built A Zoo

This video is several months after the fact, but we’ve made a zoo. We captured every possible mob in the game. Below is a guided tour, and below that is a playlist of ALL the varios mob-catching videos.

Gullopolis Sugarcane Farm

The next big farm on the sky city is a sugarcane grinder. There’s a few other farms built before this, but I haven’t filmed them yet lol…I have a new computer ready to set up which will allow for better recording.

This shop is big for a few reasons. First, we have elytras, so we need rockets. We have unlimited gunpowder from the mob grinder, and we consume rockets like mad, so we need paper. Also, we use paper to trade with librarians. It’s a pretty good resource, and it comes fast and easy.


Pranking that boy of mine…

Lucas has started pranking me. He encases me in cobblestone, he brings me down to half a heart…kid stuff. Well, he loves slimes, his skin is a rainbow slime, his house is made of slime blocks, and his birthday is tomorrow…

I have encased him with 21 dispensers (I had them already made instead of droppers) with a rapid redstone clock on them, charged by a T-flip-flip connected to a ring of heavy pressure plates. There’s a repeater to lock the circuit on once he triggers it.

Once his little rear end moves, he’ll be attacked by slimeballs from every possible angle. Happy birthday bub, welcome to the big leagues.