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So you know that system-wide lag going on for the last 2 days? My bad. The cactus farm is just too powerful, it's a black hole of items. There were so many standing cactus at the bottom of it that when the chunk was loaded, it caused a CPU spike on the server from 4% to 8% (doubling the CPU load). That's nuts. Now I installed a lava dumpster at the bottom, basically when you wanna harvest you cover the lava, collect, then uncover it when done.

Porjos and I were talking how epic it would be if you were a griefer to just go to someone's server, build a GIANT cactus farm right under spawn, then never come back. They couldn't even dig to it since the lag would be so bad.

    6 Responses to “CACTUS FARM GRIEFING”

  1. AUDR09 Says:

    You just gave me a tremendously awesome idea…

  2. Rtkermit Says:

    Nice job surf

  3. LandonStrikesAgain Says:

    let’s be honest. imagine how hard that would be without someone noticing.

  4. surfrock66 Says:

    But you could come in, act friendly, and just be like “I have a great way to farm cactus!” and build it like you’re building something useful. People might even help :D

  5. AUDR09 Says:

    Please. People wouldn’t find out if I didn’t want them too. You’d be surprised how much you can get away with on a server.

  6. Some guy Says:

    Actually, from someone who has a huge cactus farm already (32,000+/hr). Even with my lava pit open, sometimes I’ll go to the farm after the server’s been up 24+ hours and it will lag the shit out of me anyway. Until I walk up to the collection point for some reason. Then it goes away.

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