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Burj khalifa…

so my latest project and i do like a challenge so ive decided to do a replica of the burj khalifa (formely the burj dubai) also known as the worlds current largest building. This will be no mean feat as im expecting to use over 10,000,000 blocks to complete it, i will be trying to build it as close to spawn as possible however i will need a 500x300 block space (big isnt it) anyway when building begins i will post screenshots as i go along (expected time of project finish: 6 months) happy building

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  1. cncr04s Says:

    cool project, but i don’t see you on often =(
    plus the map is not tall enough for a accurate resprentation of the burj dubai.
    as a result i’m not sure you would need THAT much land, unless you are going for recreating the whole area.

  2. pirate06 Says:

    Yeah worls bee hectic lately so i haven been on as often as i would like :/ the height is a big problem but ill scale it as best i can, ill also be doing the area around it not just the actual building itself, i find the whole site amazing to look at and i want to do it justice (hopefully) :D

  3. spikey202 Says:

    you could always ask for help. send the blueprints to us over email or somethin so it can be a group project

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