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Bukkit Plugins: Please Vote!

Despite our recent issues with Obsidian Hosting, we had submitted a ticket to them almost a week ago to have bukkit activated in order to install some griefer protection. We wish to poll you all, the users, about which plugins you'd like to see installed.

There are 2 groups of plugins we're talking about: Essential server-management plugins which don't change the gameplay that much, and fun plugins like minecart mania that change the function of the game. We've split them into 2 separate polls.

This poll is asking which essential plugins you'd like to see installed. You can choose as many as you'd like, but please read the descriptions of each one.

[poll id="3"]

This poll will be for the fun plugins. You are limited to 2 choices, and you can certainly select NONE to keep the server vanilla. If you know of one not on this list, post it to the comments and we'll get it added. The full list of Bukkit plugins can be viewed here.

[poll id="2"]

Finally, it's the unfortunate reality that while Obsidian Servers has tended to be less laggy, their downtime and response to issues is ABYSMAL. Moving hosts is a big pain and changes a lot of what we do to administrate the server...however as it is Obsidian provides us with EXTREMELY limited options (we can't even install bukkit ourselves). We want to put it to all of you...what would you like to do? If you vote to leave Obsidian, please post some server recommendations in the comments.

[poll id="4"]

Thanks for sticking to the end of the long post everyone!