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Bukkit is OUT!

UPDATE: We've had some plugin crashiness, I try to respond as soon as possible, just assume it happens until all plugins are resolved. Sorry for how often it dies!

Bukkit is out, server is updated, join and play!

SOME NEWS: Skyland is kinda broke. Read here and you'll see that notch removed skylands code, so new chunks can't load, and the sky won't wrap around to the bottom (meaning perma-night until I fix it). Sorry, not our fault!

    13 Responses to “Bukkit is OUT!”

  1. cncr04s Says:

    can you install dev versions of those plugins, because i have and they work fine =/
    if you can’t you need to get a new host, one that isn’t so restrictive, you should be able to run your server how you want it.

  2. pirate06 Says:

    why you break surf :) Happy 1.0 btw to everyone finally lol cant wait to see all you guys back on again :D

  3. surfrock66 Says:

    So, cncr, I have the newest version available of all plugins, plus we switched from Permissions to PermissionsBukkit since permissions is dead.  All the plugins seem to work…except the group manager, which is how all plugins and commands are interpreted. 

    Mcmyadmin has its stupid group thing that is supposed to export to another permissions plugin, but it clearly isn’t working.  I hate mcmyadmin so much. 

  4. sbrough10 Says:

    have we installed the new update world yet? I really want to use the “Nether” seed.

  5. surfrock66 Says:

    Multiverse is broken :(

  6. cncr04s Says:

    what exactly is the error

  7. surfrock66 Says:

    The multiverse error is “the server crashes in a firey death and mcmyadmin needs to be restarted by the host”

    The groups error is mostly fixed…by moving to PermissionsBukkit and mchat…mchat isn’t even started yet. I’m working on mchat now.

  8. cncr04s Says:

    well good job!
    May I suggest you enable “quick protect” in lockette
    enable-quick-protect: true
    in your lockette config.yml

    it’s so you click a chest or a door with a sign and it types in automatically [private] yourname so you don’t have to, its real nice when you have 200 chests to lock =D

  9. spikey202 Says:

    pffft all this admin talk is confusin meh :/ well ill leave it to you geniuses and when it finally works ill try to get on :D but until then ill wait

  10. Morate Says:

    HERPDERP! I’m with Spikey on this one. As long as I can just double-click ‘teh3l3m3nts’ on my server page. :D

  11. Leafett Says:

    Guess something is up with the server, haven’t been able to get on this evening.

  12. xhoboninjax Says:

    same here was super excited to play 1.0 then the server decided to rain on my parade

  13. spikey202 Says:

    haha yeah i finally find my old greifed house and then BAM server dead again

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