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SURF UPDATE: Kirby and I discussed that this should wait until after the update...so keep checking here!

Folks it's time for another building contest! It's not too lengthy of a list of details... I hope.  So here we are.

The building contest will start this Friday, October 26th 4 PM Pacific time.

The teams for this contest will be the factions (Elite, Walrus, Legion) however we are opening up a fourth independent team. This team will not necessarily become a faction, but it is for all those non-factioners out there who want to participate. It will however be a TEAM EFFORT. You can't just go off on your own, you have to work together.

(IMPORTANT) If you want to be part of this team of independents (hah oxymoron)  comment so BELOW.

The contest will take place at spawn, as it is still rather empty , (yes we're basically using you as labor, but it's FUN labor) , and we need a list of structures to be built. Now, based upon how this first contest goes, this will most likely will be one of many rounds of an overall building contest. Each team will be given an instruction for building, which will be randomly placed in a chest by an owner, and selected randomly by a member of each team.  The lots on which you will build these will also be assigned randomly.

You will have a total of 3 days to plan and prepare for your structure, (you may start building, but remember we want good well built structure. no half-assing) and then a week to build.  Yes this contest will end on November 5th, so no dilly dallying.

Of course there is the most obvious thing on your minds, the reward. The winner (judged by our owners Gary surf and mike) will receive EITHER  a substantial amount of diamonds or experience. I'm sure if you wanted some other form of payment it could be negotiated.

That looks to be about it folks, a little lengthy but hey, i don't caaaare. Happy building folks


    13 Responses to “BUILDING CONTEST”

  1. BoukeBrink Says:

    Im in! lets try these new powers!

  2. iKips Says:

    I have a question that many people may be wondering, will we be using creative?

  3. Kirbyf Says:


  4. Omokisei Says:

    I have a question that many people may be wondering, will we be using creative?

  5. Kirbyf Says:

    dude i just said no

  6. pwnmeplease Says:

    I am all for this and will gladly donate materials and time as well as contribute whatever I can to the planning process. I do believe in all fairness that this should be done totally legit. No flying, using material obtained while in creative ect. This levels the playing field for all, adds a level of difficulty, and (I believe) will increase the pride factor that goes into the building and design of the team projects. I don’t know if everyone feels the same way but it still sounds like a good time regardless.

  7. Kirbyf Says:

    Like i said the contest will not have creative :D

  8. pwnmeplease Says:

    So are you saying that there won’t be any creative then?

  9. pirate06 Says:

    kirby isa firing his walruuuuuusssssssss lazzzzzzzzzzzzzerrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
    oh will there be creative?

  10. Kirbyf Says:

    Ok you people are trolling me now. I’m done

  11. BoukeBrink Says:

    when will it start?

  12. Kirbyf Says:

    Can you guys read? I’m pretty sure you’re messing with me at this point.

  13. Omokisei Says:

    What is this contest?

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