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Building a Diagon Alley Door

Lucas wanted a "Diagon Alley Door" in the style of this from the Harry Potter movies.

So I made this:

He's been learning redstone, so I prototyped it in our creative area to make a schematic that he can rebuild in his base. To make it look "random" it's 6 flying machines going in somewhat different orders when opening and closing. To activate it from the outside, you throw any item in the cauldron (and you get it back as a dispenser pops it through the floor on the other side). From the inside, you press the button; it auto-closes in about 5 seconds.

It could probably be compacted, but for his needs this is perfect. Also things like the water column for vertical signal transmission are fun because it makes bubbly noises which "is like potions" so it works!

Here's the Schematic!

Here's the spacing; yellow and green are above ground level, blue and red are at/below ground:

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