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Brotherly Love

Heyyy all, it's your friendly owner Porjos :D !!! I will be serving you all of April's funny logs, and I will post two or three logs everyday for your spankin enjoyment. Although I will be editing these for easier reading, no conversation will be changed. Enjoy Bitches! Here's a sneak peak of what's to come:

<surfrock66> I'm playing office pranks today

<MrGoldstar1> :D

<surfrock66> I have oreos

<surfrock66> full of toothpaste

<MrGoldstar1> heheh

<surfrock66> a whole pack...12 have toothpaste

<surfrock66> so all week they've been here

<surfrock66> ppl eating the normal ones.

<surfrock66> getting comfortable...

<surfrock66> then today

<surfrock66> TOOTHPASTE :D

<MrGoldstar1> :D

<MrGoldstar1> surf

<MrGoldstar1> i love you

<surfrock66> ?

<MrGoldstar1> :D

(Log from April 1st, 2011)