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Bellatrix’s Potion Shop

I wanted to build a potion shop and factory and got inspired to do something witchy.

I started with the idea of a witch living in a haunted house; it would have started small and simple, then she would have added on rooms and extensions as she needed space to grow. I represented this with different build styles indicating the stages, thinking a witch wouldn't care to keep the same build style as she added on rooms. I wanted it to look dirty, cluttered, and very used which I think I pulled off; the interior is split into a lab area and a kitchen, with a few upstairs rooms for living. Using the invisible item frame vanilla tweak, the more mob heads vanilla tweak, and the armor stand vanilla tweak, I think the yard and interior do a good job of telling the story.

The zombie nitwit (Frank Stein, not sure why replaymod rendered him out on the roof) lives in the attic, and Bellatrix lives in her tower. The Dinnerbone'd and charged creeper was a ton of fun to get in place, and the bubble column in green panes was a really cool element in the room...even though it's a huge threat you can get right up next to it. Getting the endermite into the cauldron was another ordeal as well. Minerva the black cat was the last decorative mob detail.

I dug out and blackstone brick'd the entire footprint, then set up the bubblevators. The potion brewers were easy enough to make; this is the first time I've worked with candles, and I think the denser pattern on the nether brick walls helped make the sconces make more sense. I crammed a few other micro farms in there, and in theory need to build a small slime farm (1/4 of this is in a slime chunk), a small creeper-only mob farm, and use any remaining space to farm nether wart.

This was a ton of fun to make and I'm glad I got it done in time for Halloween!