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Back to 1.5_01!

INSTRUCTIONS UPDATED!!! It'd be one thing if we just had to live without bukkit, but the entire server won't load for ANYONE. Repeated corruption, bugs, crashes, lag, it's a mess. Until a stable version is out, we're gonna stay on the old version.

The server has been reverted and the old map has been restored, but you won't be able to connect with your cute little broken 1.6_04 client. So what happens if you wanna revert? You need to have saved the Minecraft 1.5_01 Game Files!

If you have those files, do you know what to do with them? If not, it's very simple, you overwrite your .minecraft folder. TAKE NOTE THAT IN MAC AND LINUX .minecraft IS A HIDDEN FOLDER, SO IT WILL LOOK LIKE AN EMPTY ZIP IF YOU HAVE VIEWING HIDDEN FILES DISABLED! You can find that:

  • In Linux: ~/.minecraft
  • In Windows XP: C:/Documents and Settings/[USERNAME]/Application Data/.minecraft
  • In Windows 7: C:/Users/[USERNAME]/AppData/Roaming/.minecraft
  • In OSX: Buy a real computer. Mac Version of 1.5_01 /Users/[USERNAME]/Library/Application Support/minecraft

Once you've done that, run the program like you normally would, making sure NOT to update the client. Some of you may have updates auto-install, if that's the case, open the client and before hitting "login" hit options and click the "force update" button until updates aren't forced. As soon as we can use 1.6 we will, but until then, let's just play :D


Just so you know...I know 1.6.5 is out. Initial reports are that functionally there's still way too many show stopping bugs. See: http://www.minecraftwiki.net/wiki/Version_history We'll stay at 1.5_01 for now, but if you want to try 1.6.5, try it in single player and keep a copy of your working 1.5_01 minecraft folder.

    40 Responses to “Back to 1.5_01!”

  1. surfrock66 Says:

    Seriously…No one yet???

  2. surfrock66 Says:

    Apparently there’s some issues with the mac instructions, if someone makes it work please gimme a heads up!

  3. Kramer612 Says:

    yeah im not gonna be on for a while, i cant get a revert on the mac

  4. surfrock66 Says:

    Keep trying to revert, MrsPinkin (my wife’s brother) is on a mac and he made it work, there may be other guides.

  5. Landon Flaniken Says:

    I don’t think I have it saved so until 1.6 i wont be on

  6. surfrock66 Says:

    Even though it’s illegal to distribute copies of Minecraft, even old ones…I’d click the link in the post O..o

  7. surfrock66 Says:

    I have been drinking all night, and have been saying epic things…and no one will log in and listen to this. Your loss.

  8. porjos Says:


    OSX – buy a real computer lol

  9. Graham Says:

    So yeah i have no idea what that means haha will i be able to log in in like a week or something?

  10. Nikewarrior Says:

    hahah great idea for OSX

  11. shauny Says:

    there is beta 1.6.5 out now are you gona update it

  12. Landon Flaniken Says:

    i’ve tried everything. just not working. oh well, i’ll wait

  13. Landon Flaniken Says:

    ok surf, heres wat i do. maybe you can find a flaw. I delete the minecraft folder. i download minecraft_beta_1 (there is nothing in the folder btw. dont no if thats normal). i copy and paste it into my application support. name it “minecraft”. then try to play. it does the loading bar than the screen goes black and nothing after that.

  14. William H Carlton Says:

    Poor Landon. I can’t get it to work either and I’ve got too much going on at the moment to continue fucking with it. See you when bukkit is back!

  15. Landon Flaniken Says:

    lol. im done with school so i’ve been screwing around with it for hours.

  16. surfrock66 Says:

    Landon, in mac, if your folder name is .minecraft is it hidden? Because on linux/windows, the folder name is .minecraft while in mac it’s minecraft.

  17. rtkermit Says:

    surf ur fuckn directions suck

  18. surfrock66 Says:

    If you find a new step post it here and I’ll update it.

    Also Shauny, we’ll go to 1.6 once reports are that it’s really stable.

  19. Landon Flaniken Says:

    ye surf, its called minecraft in a mac. same thing as .minecraft on a windows. i’ve been trying for 4 hrs today. black screen is caused by a problem in the “bin” so i went back (reinstalled) to my minecraft folder that i had when I updated. Basically i am back to where i started. Is there supposed to be nothing in the folder you give us the link to? Hopefully bukkit will work soon because I feel like that’s my only hope. Where can I go to see the bukkit progress?

  20. surfrock66 Says:

    1) Jenn’s brother Mike is working on the mac version…update on that front pending.

    2) It’s not a bukkit thing…minecraft itself is still borked. First minecraft needs to get stable, THEN bukkit can start working on it. After 1.5, we’re still 1-2 weeks away at my guess. Either way, here’s 2 important links for bukkit:



  21. Rtkermit Says:

    Surf call up notch and fix the problem

  22. Landon Flaniken Says:

    wait, minecraft will be fixed sooner than 1-2 weeks right? and we will be able to play vanilla with that then wait for bukkit right?

  23. surfrock66 Says:


  24. Landon Flaniken Says:

    ok good. thought you meant we would have to wait 1-2 weeks to play it at all. btw, do we have sponsors or whatever they are called now? I see the intel and smiley face advertisements

  25. surfrock66 Says:

    Hells yes, check your e-mail!

  26. Landon Flaniken Says:

    Just did. Btw, for Mac ppl. I will post a possible way to revert later tonight that I have gathered from multiple YouTube vids. It didn’t work for me but that’s because of a glitch that some ppl have and others don’t.

  27. Landon Flaniken Says:

    FUCK YES!!!!! whoever found out about Mac’s reverting..YOU ARE A GOD!!! I thank you so much

  28. Graham Says:

    okay sorry to be this guy how long does any1 know wen we can play?

  29. Nikewarrior Says:

    its simple guys.
    1) download the 1.5 version from surf’s link in the paragraph
    2) find your minecraft folder and delete the bin folder
    3) open the minecraft version you just downloaded and copy the bin folder
    and paste it in your original minecraft
    4) when you open the launcher don’t update and your set.

    (for windows users)

  30. Rtkermit Says:

    I am the 30th comment !!!!!!

  31. shauny Says:

    if anyone cant get it use this video to help you it helped me anyway http://youtu.be/igdq3gh1Ui0

  32. shauny Says:

    yo surf it says i am not a member anymore

  33. surfrock66 Says:

    Shauny, next time we’re on at the same time I’ll fix it.

  34. shauny Says:

    okay thanks

  35. IMGArY Says:

    worked fine for me, just make sure you have the newest launcher so that it asks before auto updating.

  36. shauny Says:

    can anyone go on right now its only me ???????????

  37. Graham Says:

    yeah i got it 2 work woo

  38. xHoboNinjax Says:

    Hey i got the old patch (i think) but when i try and join the server i get a “Outdated server!” messege could you help me im computer retarded i have windows 7 if that makes a difference

  39. surfrock66 Says:

    Hobo, usually that means the client auto-updated. Open up the client and before even logging in click “options” and make sure updates aren’t forced. Then log in. It should say “do you want to update?” and give you the chance to say no.

  40. Graham Says:

    disconnected by server outdated client any 1 know what that means

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