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Avoid Morate at all costs!

Morate seems to have been infected with the zombie virus! I'm working on a cure, but it won't be ready until after Halloween. In the meantime, avoid contact with Morate as HE IS HOSTILE. Fortunately, he's not interested in your items, just your brains...

I've found a note from Morate in his house on Skyville. It says:

To my fellow gamers:

Something is overpowering me. I can't fight it much longer. If I don't make it out alive, please know that all of you meant a lot to me. Also, Kirby, there's something you should know. Last week when there was a creeper that had you trapped in your house for 2 hours... that was just me in a creeper suit. And potpourri, I used your toothbrush. To everyone else, I've always wanted to say

    10 Responses to “Avoid Morate at all costs!”

  1. Morate Says:

    Uuugggggghhhhhhh! Aaarrrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh! BRAINSSSSSSSSS!

  2. Pirate06 Says:

    Note to self: time to go a zombie hunting, morate im coming to hunt you down bitch :) lots of love from the lovely_pirate son to be known as the Dread_pirate!

  3. Morate Says:

    brainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsBRAINSbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainstitsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrainsbrains (Haha, that’s what you think. In actuality, I’m hunting you down, bitch. You’re going to wish that your scurvy-ridden parents had never gotten carried away after their first date. That’s right, I WENT THERE!)

  4. Kirbyf Says:

    hey morate. guess whaaaaaaaaat. You pissed off some noobs and they came to spawn and blew up your house!

  5. Morate Says:


  6. pirate06 Says:

    i think im becoming fluent in zombie, oh dear…………. *coughs*

  7. pirate06 Says:

    im… sorry… *coughs* i dont… know how long i can… last, something *coughs* is happening… to me and i dont know… how to stop it *coughs* i am trying… trying to make a cur……. BRAINS! ARGHHHHHH! RUN!

  8. Morate Says:

    Faker. I’ve already been cured. The infection is over for this year. I’ll add you to the list of people to infect next year.

  9. petrispier Says:

    Is it going to be where you get one extra helper each year?

  10. Morate Says:

    At least one. We’ll see how it goes.

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