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Notch Himself Previews 1.8

Now this is what I call The Word of Notch. The man himself gives a quick, 8 minute tour of some of the changes we can expect in the 1.8, which we can expect in the next couple of weeks:



Of course creative mode is back and we get a quick look at that. There are some huge improvements. For single-player mod lovers, it might look a lot like survival mode with Too Many Items and Single Player Commands installed, as far as full “creative” access to world editing but with more of a “living, breathing” world to inhabit than the relatively sterile (and now defunct) classic mode.

And although it’s “The Adventure Update” we don’t say good bye to survival. But there are changes and tweaks. Check out the video and decide for yourself what kind of potential the new terrain and combat features have got for your Minecraft experience. But why are you listening to me? You’re not still reading this are you? There’s a video up there with a Let’s Play Minecraft 1.8 hosted by Notch in it, for corn’s sake. Why have you not clicked on it?

Astronomers Discover Planet Made of Diamond

Some cosmic hacking going on here, I tell you. The Man Upstairs is a Minecraft fan. Yes, God has installed a mod on the universe that produces whole diamond planets.

Of course no one has a clue what it really looks like.

Actually, astronomers have in fact discovered a planet hurtling around a neutron star about 4000 light years from us that is believed to be made almost entirely out of crystalline carbon. Or, in other words, diamond. It’s estimated to be at least as heavy as Jupiter but twenty times as dense. It makes a complete orbit around its stellar companion at a blistering pace of every two hours and ten minutes. It is speculated to be a once-massive star that lost its outer layer to the neutron star that it orbits.

That or Mr. Almighty is stashing his hacked loot around a fucking pulsar. N00b.