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Spawn Reformation Project 2011

Herow. Well it seems we’re keeping the map! However, I thought of a badass idea to appease myself and others with the decision to not do a map reset…

Re-do Spawn! That’s right, I’m relinquishing control and property to anyone that wants it after I demolish stuffs. I want to divide spawn up into plots of land, and have everyone build something at spawn. The process is going to take awhile…just taking the church down took over an hour…but whenever it does, it’ll be sweet.

If you wanna help with this…there are certain guidelines you have to follow:

1) No demolishing or altering stuff unless I give you permission…there are some buildings which aren’t mine, and some which I want to keep for historical purposes.

2) To prevent rampant mis-use of the “give” command…do not spawn yourself tools or TNT for the project. I will give you the tools you need for the process 😀

It’s going to be a Renaissance for Spawn!


Double Wammy!

That’s right, I have two logs to show you today!

I can’t imagine how many people Surf, Gary, and I have taught about cakefarting. Also, Gold never ceases to amaze me with the odd shit that comes out of his filthy German mouth.

<MrGoldstar1> surf

<MrGoldstar1> u need a dog too

<MrGoldstar1> call it cake farter

<MrGoldstar1> 😀

<surfrock66> or michelle 😀

<MrGoldstar1> CAKE FARTER

(Logs taken from April 1st, 2011)

This second log was taken from the day that “nicknames” were first added to Minecraft…

<porjos> /nick superoober buttSniffer

<buttSniffer> wtf my nickname is not butt sniffer

<madelineccarlton> 😀

<porjos> /nick wilsonfam buttRaper

<porjos> /nick sbrough10 Cocksmith

<sbrough10> /nick sbrough10 awesomeness

<awesomeness> hello

<porjos> /nick sbrough10 CockSmith

<wilsonfam> /nick wilsonfam  wilson

<sbrough10> /nick sbrough10 sbrough10

<sbrough10> so members can now change nicks?

<porjos> /nick sbrough10 CockSmith

<buttSniffer> hello

<porjos> lol

<madelineccarlton> i dunno, who’s cocksmith, lol

<CockSmith> who is changing my nickname…. I want to give you a hug

<madelineccarlton> LMAO

<porjos> hahahahahahaha

<CockSmith> with my flint and steel

<surfrock66> /nick surfrock66 iFuckRetardsInTheHiney

<iFuckRetardsInTheHiney> hi

<iFuckRetardsInTheHiney> 😀

<porjos> hahahahahaha

<iFuckRetardsInTheHiney> BAM

<iFuckRetardsInTheHiney> speak

<porjos> im laughing so fucking hard in my office right now….its embarassing

<iFuckRetardsInTheHiney> haha

<sbrough10> /nick porjos Mr.hahahahahahahhahahahah….penis

<Mr.hahahahahahahhahahahah….penis> id buy minecraft just for the nick command

(Logs taken from April 1st, 2011)

This is how owners roll son…

It’s just another night in the office for Gorg and Will. This is how owners run shit…

gorghoppurr: /invsee jandrews

williamhcarlton: you’re not on the server five minutes and the first thing you do is get ahold of tnt

jandrews: firstly, it wasn’t mine and that guy griefed me

williamhcarlton: what is one supposed to think?

jandrews: i found my stuff in his box

williamhcarlton: lmao

williamhcarlton: who griefed you now?

williamhcarlton: the only people on are you and two of the owners

jandrews: the pimp with the huge treehouse

williamhcarlton: nice

williamhcarlton: look

williamhcarlton: we have a group system

williamhcarlton: you happen to know anyone on the server?

jandrews: no

williamhcarlton: stand by

jandrews: except sb

gorghoppurr: /msg williamhcarlton he also stole some stuff. i invsee’d him earlier. had 2 records and a diamond

gorghoppurr: /msg williamhcarlton *or two. i was just about to ban but was unaware if tnt was a cause for banning

williamhcarlton: jandrews

jandrews: yes

williamhcarlton: buh bye

williamhcarlton: /ban jandrews

williamhcarlton: lmao

Gorg: his name also seemed familiar so i was just wicked confused

williamhcarlton: what a dumbass

Gorg: i hate how legit every night you get the one late night moron

williamhcarlton: yeah, i searched him and didn’t turn up anyting online

Gorg: ban his ass haha

williamhcarlton: he’s banned

williamhcarlton: done deal

williamhcarlton: i said, “jandrews”

williamhcarlton: and he said, “yes?”

williamhcarlton: i said, “buh bye”

williamhcarlton: and instantly banned him

williamhcarlton: also

williamhcarlton: google “jandrews griefer”

williamhcarlton: seriously

Gorg: haha got a rap sheet?

williamhcarlton: motherfucker actually posts on a “griefer stories” forum

williamhcarlton: lmao

williamhcarlton: what a dumbass

Gorg: hahah like a serial griefer

williamhcarlton: yeah basically

Gorg: this game is so fucked

(Logs taken from April 1st, 2011)

Brotherly Love

Heyyy all, it’s your friendly owner Porjos 😀 !!! I will be serving you all of April’s funny logs, and I will post two or three logs everyday for your spankin enjoyment. Although I will be editing these for easier reading, no conversation will be changed. Enjoy Bitches! Here’s a sneak peak of what’s to come:

<surfrock66> I’m playing office pranks today

<MrGoldstar1> 😀

<surfrock66> I have oreos

<surfrock66> full of toothpaste

<MrGoldstar1> heheh

<surfrock66> a whole pack…12 have toothpaste

<surfrock66> so all week they’ve been here

<surfrock66> ppl eating the normal ones.

<surfrock66> getting comfortable…

<surfrock66> then today

<surfrock66> TOOTHPASTE 😀

<MrGoldstar1> 😀

<MrGoldstar1> surf

<MrGoldstar1> i love you

<surfrock66> ?

<MrGoldstar1> 😀

(Log from April 1st, 2011)

1st Stages of Porcellia Complete

I’ve had a long hiatus…but I’ve been back to the server since April 1st, and I’ve been busy…I’ve completed the first stages of my island of badass-ness…