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Server seems to be back online again

Iam going to visit the server more regularly now.
Had a lot of fun playing today some hours, although no one else besides me was on there. I hope to meet somebody soon won’t give up the hope 🙂
Let’s get this server populated again as in the good old days.


so when are you ready (pirate,kermit and epic) for the challenge? just write in the comments, we are on all day/night tho 😛


Hello folks, its me gold!
how you may have heard, iam looking for 3 brave explorers for a challenge!
you have to beat me, kiwi and ma3ta in a adventure map that takes about 4-5 hours?!
u maybe want to use skype!?
if u are ready for the challenge mail me, or just write in the comments.
the 3 fastest will be chosen!!!

skin contest

Well, my awesome idea would be that we use zombie in suit and skeleton in suit for the 2teams!

So yeah why don’t we use this skins. (I won’t change my skin if we choose these! :D)


WTF IS HAPPENING? Iam in default group and i cant build :/