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Hacked =/

We were hacked with a minecraft login exploit today. We were totally unaware of the exploit and Personally am dissapointed that this information was not spread around so people could fix it.
We have fixed the greifing and updated the server. Whats more sad is that I would have updated soon any ways and this wouldn't have happened.

I post this in case any one is running a server that reads this, because I sure didn't know about it.

They Were able to confuse the server into thinking they were a different user, in this case, surf.
If you spot any one, now it seems owners included; doing any thing out of the ordinary like greifing or not acting in character, let us know by clicking on the help! link to the upper left of this post.

Article I seen this in here

Minecraft 1.6.2

I have updated the server to 1.6.2.

No ones been playing since 1.6 came out so now that we have been able to update, you can come back and play!

We look forward to seeing you.


Since Omo kept greifing my spawn message board I setup the first day of the new map, I'll post it here.
We need more spawn built. We are looking for cool buildings, no cobble or dirt buildings, and no personal houses.

We are looking for Shops, towers, public buildings, epic builds, cool stuff etc  --- No creative please - That includes Admins and Owners.
You may build within 3 blocks of an established build, any closer you should ask its builder or an Owner.
Walkways, roads, bushes, trees, gardens or landscaping is permit-able, as long as it doesn't interfere with the aesthetic look of any building
that you don't own. Spawn is considered a 1000 block radius. Tunnels and underground activity is OK as long as it doesn't interfere with
some other building/underground structure.

Any epic builds or super cool looking builds at spawn and you could earn a reward. Please contact Owner cnc, show me your build to collect if it meets my expectations - Admins not eligible.



I updated our graphic at the top, its now our more recent teh3l3m3nts sign with the evil hand.
The previous one was from our previous main world which is old world now.

Vanilla World

Update: I think I have got multi world nether to work. There are currently nether for world, world_old, and world_vanilla.

Nether should work, for the most part in those worlds.
There are some odd issues with portal creation, and location atm, if you can't get the portals exactly where you want them you will have to have a owner link the portals directly.



Vanilla World is now available for play.

  • -When you are in this world, most commands are disabled. Like tpa, home, mvtp, etc...
  • -For owners and admins, most "Server management" commands are still active.
  • -You may only exit using the provided "portal" at spawn.
  • -Nether does not work with Vanilla World. (I will be looking into getting this to work, but no promises)

It's hard to enforce a clear inventory, so we ask you to not bring large amounts of stuff there.
Remember, vanilla world was created so there is some sort of "community". Build/Play nice.
Build any where, but not like 100000's of blocks away. (In my opinion)

Other news:

We have a new stats plugin, Please check it out by using the stats link on the left.

Vanilla world caused the owners to rewrite the permissions file. There are some errors, and things that were overlooked. So don't get worked up if something is not working, let us know if its not one of the disabled things below.

Disabled: (mostly applies to admins)
time - Causes issues. -Owners only now.
gamemode - use /gm please!
gm others - Ask an owner to gamemode some one else.
OP - OP removed from admins atm.
Commandblocks - OP only, see above.

There are reasons for the above, but they aren't set in stone.

Homes DIscussion

There has been a discussion about changing the homes system.

I've added the poll below so that you may cast your vote about this.

PS, The result of the poll, is up to the owners to decide to implement, or not ;)

[poll id="21"]

July news!

Hi, I've added a stats tracking plugin, its very basic but its usefull, here is the link to ithttp://www.teh3l3m3nts.com/?page_id=2648

As for 1.3, its been over 3 months since 1.2, I can't believe they are taking so long. Well when they eventually do release it, we plan on making a new main map.
The current map will still be here, but its access will be restricted to people who have business there. But I encourage you to make the move over to the new main map
when we eventually do that.
We are also going to need a new spawn area, so if you are looking to make a few additions onto it, let an admin know.

I also want to be clear, you can freely move between the worlds (If you have access), including all your stuff/items/block, but I do not want to see people dismantling their builds for items/blocks.