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Server status Update

I'm not sure how many of the older members still end up here on the website, but first I'd like to thank you for visiting =P
The server has been a bit lonely as of late, for the 2nd year =(
I've been real busy with life, and it looks like the other owners who took over things back in January-ish, left as well. When they left, they did not configure some stuff correctly, and unfortunately the map that was existing for the past 9-10 months or something along those lines was gotten corrupt for some reason and no backups. The spawn chunk file is corrupt I think, and the map will not load if you get in range of the main spawn area. It was like this for about a month, sorry =( I'll try and load the chunks that load into a new world at some point for people to visit/take their stuff.

I normally check up on to make things are working every so often, but I've been so overloaded with work 80+ hours a week.
However, I have setup a new map, created a few buildings. But alas, I will be too busy to get other things configured correctly until around x-mas.
I did update the server to 1.8.8 as well as fix some other plugin issues.

My plan is to get the server back to a state that I'm happy with, like the golden days 12'-13'
Will take a bit of time without any help. Keep in touch (randy [at] afxr.net )


Server Updated to 1.8

I have finally updated the server to 1.8, its the 1.8.1 pre2 release. I hope that doesn't cause issues with the current 1.8 version, let me know if it does.
Well beside that, we are now on vanilla minecraft. That comes with potential issues, no locked storage, grief stuff. If any one has any ideas to limit greifing potential, let me know.
I went with a random generated map, so it is how it is; spawn seems to be in a mountainous area, with some plains. This will present interesting building choices.
You are free to build in spawn, provided its not your main house. Be respectful of others work.

I see that some one has already added a few things to spawn, that's great! Add more!
I hope that more people come back, it was nice bout of activity we had this year.

Future of Teh3l3m3nts

Hello, We had a recent bout of activity, which was great! But I suspect that 1.8 is the reason many people do not come to play any more. In fact its probably been the main reason all this year.
So, knowing this and knowing something else that I'll let you in on:
Bukkit is the software we run to have our server, and its mods, Unfortunatly Bukkit is dead project now. It won't be updating to 1.8, no reason to keep running 1.7.
So knowing both this, I want to start to run the server on Vanilla 1.8, this is the normal minecraft software.

I'll be making the switch soon, I want to get peoples opinions on if we should use an existing world, or create a new world.

I'd like to add that, going this way, we will lose access to multi worlds, everything in them. We'll lose locked chests(lockette) as well as lots of other mods.
It's a big change, going back to the roots, but as far as I know there is no other server software we could use that is updated as frequently as vanilla server.

Server Updated

Hello, I have updated the server to 1.7.10, the latest version.
I had to disable dynmap, and some other plugins, I'll check for updates to them at a later time.
I see that some people are playing again from before the update, but not that I have updated it hopefully we'll get more to come back.
I would like to see more spawn buildings, and construction, There are some plots and other available land nearby to build on if you please.

Not much else to report.


Dynmap is functional again.



-Final Update:

We are currently Live with Minecraft 1.7.2. If you used out stats at all, I had to reset all the stats. I haven't changed the link on the website yet but will soon. Other than that I've updated all updateable plugins to their newest versions and it seems to be working fine. You are free to explore the world.

- Update:
As I suspected, a Beta version 1.7.2 is out, Now all we have to do it wait for all our plugins that Need Updating to update, I'll work on getting all our plugins to work properly later today and hopefully get the new version on.

It's been quite a while since 1.7 came out, and well Bukkit has been slow. However the game code has changed almost completly and it takes time for everything to work the way it did in 1.6. So I would guess sometime soon we will have a beta version we can run the server on. I would like to remind any one who even comes to our website any more to remember that you can easily switch mine-craft versions in the new launcher by editing your profile and selecting 1.6.4 version we run on the server.