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Teamspeak Server!

Hallo All!

We managed to set up a Teamspeak server! Come on in and join the conversation. there are multiple lobbies so if you want to hang with your friends only, you can use those. I will mostly be in the main lobby.

Here is the IP:
the name is still an older name but im working on getting it changed.
Download Teamspeak here: http://www.teamspeak.com/

Speak you guys/gals there!

Bouke Brink(AKA ~DrBrink)

AFK Request

Hello guys n gals of teh3l3m3nts!

As you guys might have heard from me(or others) i made a huge overworld gold farm! It is free to use but!, the gold output is a bit low and I had to hide the gold supply before its raided again…

So here is my question: To keep the gold amount up in this goldfarm I’m asking volunteers to AFK on the platform in the middle. I did some tests and after 6 hours of AFK time it should have around 27 stacks of gold nuggets. You can take some if you want, but craft the others into ingots/blocks and put them in the chest next to it. And if all is going well i might release the supply I racked up!

Also, CNC and I have been busy in spawn! Thanks to CNC my factory is in spawn again!

features of teh 3l3m3ntal Factory:

– blast ovens: these machines smelt 8 times as much in the same time compared to a normal furnace

– sugarcane farm: BUD powered machines that farm sugar cane!

– Melon and pumpkin farming towers: automatically triggered towers that output pumpkin or melon

– a variety of farms: wheat, carrot, potato and netherwart

– 2 breeders with cows and pigs: breed the animals in the top pen and lure the babies in the lower pen to let them grow. after they’ve grown into adults you can burn/cook them by pressing the button on the side. NOTE: Dont kill the Animals or break blocks! please dont.

And we also have a iron farm in spawn that has enough iron for our needs but it can run out fast. you can take a stack or three or iron blocks and if you need more go ahead but please dont waste the iron.

Well thanks for reading!

Grtz Bouke

PS: I’ve opened my shop: the Redstone Consultancy and if you want to apply for a “job” or want a redstone project done go to the building next to the iron farm and you’ll see.


Hello everyone!

As some of you guys may know, I’m building a huge factory near the museum in spawn. But that isn’t the end of the project. I also made a checklist for farms to be built/finished

Here are the farms:

– The iron trench(massive iron farm): I’m running out of time to finish it and it took a lot of time to build so far. So I’m asking someone of you with good redstone knowledge to finish the machine. All materials are already gathered so the only thing that has to be done is finish the sucker. Here is the tutorial on the machine:Video


– Blaze farm: I still have to make time for this machine. this one doesn’t require a lot of redstone knowledge. I found an efficient but simple farm. Tutorial: Video


– Gold farm: No design found. Feel free to come up with your own designs.


All materials can be supplied or taken care of by yourself.


When the factory at spawn is finished, it will be public and free to use. The only thing I ask is: Keep it supplied with all the resources you used.


Hey everyone!

Every time we update i notice some players arent online because they accidentally update their MineCraft and don’t know how to downgrade.

Here are some thingys to help you out

Thing one:

Use Magiclauncher

Step 1: Download Magiclauncher

Step 2: Download 1.4.7

Step 3: Go to Setup and click “select” in the top right corner and go to the folder where you downloaded the 1.4.7 .jar

Step 4: Click OK and login

Thing two:

Replace your current .jar

Step 1: download 1.4.7

Step 2: Rename the file to minecraft.jar

Step 3: Copy your .jar in your minecraft folder

Well thats about it! I hope this helps to keep you guys happy

Love, Bouke Brink


Until the update we have to be patient

1.5 announcement

Hey everyone,

Bouke here, I’ve done some testing in the new snapshots for 1.5, The Redstoneupdate and I’ve come to some serious conclusions. As for the snapshot 13W01b ALL BUD’s dont work or are not reliable. So if you have a redstone contraption relying on BUD’s (that includes redstonelamp BUD’s and piston BUD’s) try to rebuild them offline in the new snapshot to see if they still work or try to fix them.

I thought it was important to inform you well before the update so, you have enough time to think of a solution.

Love, BoukeBrink

PS, this(below) still works


Legen: P= Piston, B= Block, RS= Redstone, L=Redstone source