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New Host

Hey guys,

check your email, we have a new host we are trying out, a temp map until we get everything figured out, and 3 very tired owners working on getting this up and running. there will be a poll soon as surf has said about the map, but at least we have a server for now.  all of you should be getting an email soon with the address. come tear it up with us!




Bukkit coming soon!

Just wanted to let everyone know, we have asked obsidianservers to install bukkit for us (as we aren't allowed to do it ourselves). This means that some commands will likely change, groups will be back, and some mods may be used as well. When obsidian does install it, there may be some downtime while they do it, and we configure it. Also this means the server will finally be listed publicly again. It will be nice to have a growing community again, but admins, be on the ready to deal with plenty of bullshit. Most of you have been around a long time, so you should know how to deal with situations when they arise. We will keep all of you updated as things progress.


Pure Maturity of The People Running Things

Just wanted to show the maturity level of the people who run our server.  Thank IMGArY for this display of adulthood.

We Are Back!

Attention fellow teh3l3m3nts geeks, just wanted to let u know obsidian is back up and running. if you find any errors email minecraftpisspants@gmail.com