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AFK Request

Hello guys n gals of teh3l3m3nts!

As you guys might have heard from me(or others) i made a huge overworld gold farm! It is free to use but!, the gold output is a bit low and I had to hide the gold supply before its raided again...

So here is my question: To keep the gold amount up in this goldfarm I'm asking volunteers to AFK on the platform in the middle. I did some tests and after 6 hours of AFK time it should have around 27 stacks of gold nuggets. You can take some if you want, but craft the others into ingots/blocks and put them in the chest next to it. And if all is going well i might release the supply I racked up!

Also, CNC and I have been busy in spawn! Thanks to CNC my factory is in spawn again!

features of teh 3l3m3ntal Factory:

- blast ovens: these machines smelt 8 times as much in the same time compared to a normal furnace

- sugarcane farm: BUD powered machines that farm sugar cane!

- Melon and pumpkin farming towers: automatically triggered towers that output pumpkin or melon

- a variety of farms: wheat, carrot, potato and netherwart

- 2 breeders with cows and pigs: breed the animals in the top pen and lure the babies in the lower pen to let them grow. after they've grown into adults you can burn/cook them by pressing the button on the side. NOTE: Dont kill the Animals or break blocks! please dont.

And we also have a iron farm in spawn that has enough iron for our needs but it can run out fast. you can take a stack or three or iron blocks and if you need more go ahead but please dont waste the iron.

Well thanks for reading!

Grtz Bouke

PS: I've opened my shop: the Redstone Consultancy and if you want to apply for a "job" or want a redstone project done go to the building next to the iron farm and you'll see.

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