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Admin and old school player SOS!!!

Hey everyone,


Our traffic has been back to lagging again as of late, and I'm really looking to up the traffic. To do this, I need to be able to update our server listings for the first time in years.  This means that we need more admin coverage around the clock to follow new players and make sure they're ok.  The only other options are to be alright with when we find a griefing incident, using /give and helping players re-build anything they lost, or rollback to a recent backup where people could lose the work they had done in that time frame.  These were our options for the first year or 2 of the server, so I personally have not problem with that, and I know that there are other newly again active owners and admins that are fine with them.  BUT, the more old school players we can get around the clock, the more we can prevent that from having to be an option.  Summation:  Everyone that can, hop on any time you have the time.  Let's get this server staffed so we can get big again, and have the kind of large but tight community we used to.

Thanks for reading... if you did.