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A Public Service Announcement for the preservation my sanity and many others


UPDATE FROM SURF: Yes it's down, dunno why, looking into it :D

I know that, if you have a question, it is best to ask an admin or owner who will probably know. I know that it is not one individual who is asking multiple questions that is causing the problem but the combination of multiple individuals asking one question. And I know it's not the same question every time, but there is one question that I don't think we need to ask over and over again:

Why is the server down and why is it giving me a message saying "(insert random message here)"?

There can be multiple possibilities but, please, before you ask the question, consider this.

1. If you haven't been able to access the server for 1-2 minutes, there could be a plethora of reasons that have nothing to do with the server actually being down.

2. If you got banned, you'll see message saying you were banned. If you got kicked then get the fuck back on the server and asked the people who are on rather then whining about it to an admin who isn't even on minecraft

3. Even if the server IS down, even if you can't figure out why you specifically can't get on, couldn't you at least spend a few minutes outside, getting some fresh air, maybe some exercise. I'm not saying that you're fat but maybe you're just spending so much time on this game that your brain is not processing the irritating question you are about to ask one of the ops (I'm serious, this happens to everyone)

Please, if you are someone reading this who is or was about to ask this kind of question, please take it into account. If you are an admin or owner reading this, the next time someone asks you this exact kind of question, please send them this link (http://www.teh3l3m3nts.com/?p=1107) and tell them to read the article posted.