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The Gullopolis Mob Grinder

We needed a mob grinder. We use a lot of string, and TONS of gunpowder. I use a lot of bone blocks, and we can sell string and zombie meat in the Villager Trading Hall (which will be shown soon). A general purpose grinder is needed, and though in 2-world I build a giant mess of one, it never performed well whereas this fills up 12 double chests in a matter of hours.

This has 2.5 block tall platforms which get flushed by dispensers powered by an observer redstone vertical line.  It’s on a timer circuit which allows 30 seconds for spawning and 10 seconds for flushing; you can see the circuit design and discussion here: https://www.reddit.com/r/technicalminecraft/comments/ib8kho/can_i_simplify_this_redstone_circuit_it_pulses_on/

Originally mobs were killed by fall damage, but then I realized I missed armored mobs with that (and wasn’t gonna raise the whole thing 10 blocks after it was already built), so then I added magma blocks, but witches just kept drinking fire resistance potions and living…so it’s a magma block donut with an entity crammer in the middle.  Witch eventually wanders into the hole, DEAD.

The Gullopolis Iron Farm

As I’ve evolved into more of a technical Minecrafter, it became obvious that in a new world, the best early game farm is an iron farm. We actually built a slime farm first, but this was because we needed a reason to dig to get blocks to build with…I’ll showcase that later.

An Iron form basically makes hoppers free, rails free, minecarts free, and tools free. Also, once you start with villagers, 3 types trade iron for emeralds so it becomes an unlimited emerald generator. There’s a large starter cost needing 8 hoppers and a cauldron (so, 47 iron), but more importantly it requires a name tag so your zombie doesn’t despawn…THAT was a lucky find in a mineshaft. Oh the nametag requires an anvil to enchant so add 31 iron to the needs.

As with everything, ours is built off a branch of our floating city, using a glass and polished granite palette…I need to go back and replace the cobblestone without messing up the water. It’s EXTREMELY productive…over a chest worth of stacks of iron blocks a day (maybe even more, we aren’t keeping much track). We have also turned the poppies into a bonemeal farm. All in all, it’s a tremendous resource.

Our new city…Gullopolis

Lucas, my 5-year old, has started to play and he and I made a giant floating sky city over the ocean called Gullopolis. It’s a rapidly developing place, but our first order of business is mega farms. We’ve built a subterranean under-ocean slime farm, and used the resources from that dig to make our platform. I’ll be doing some blogs where I feature some of the builds, but to start, here’s our “Farming Quadrant” where we have a barn featuring all the farmable neutral mobs (including skeleton horses!) and a fully AFK wool farm of all colors.


Hey everyone. The server kind of chugged along in my server rack for years and I didn’t touch it. Carian and Cnc had it up with mcmyadmin for a while, then it had a hard drive failure, then it kind of powered off for a while and I didn’t notice…bad on me.

BUT. Then something crazy happened. My kid, Lucas, turned 5, and I got super sick and was hospitalized and took 3 weeks off of work, and we just accidentally discovered Minecraft. Now he’s obsessed, we’re playing a single player game, then he’ll probably join the big server. Because of this, we needed to make sure the server was revived, and I rebuilt it. New MORE POWERFUL hardware, new OS, using Spigot…just in general refreshed. I was able to revive most worlds, though it looks like we lost some time since the last backup I have due to the hard drive failure 🙁

Still, it’s all back up. The worlds have been renamed based on the generation they existed (so, the oldest world is 1-world, then 2-world, then 3-world, etc). The current world has no number. The backups are re-posted here on the website in the sidebar, and this time backups go offsite so it should be more secure. We’ve rebuilt things with newer versions of plugins but there’s still some tweaks to make. All user ranks were reset, so they need to be re-done as people join.

Once the kid and I beat the ender dragon, we’ll be playing too. Until then I’ll pop in and out (like when he’s a punk and loses Minecraft for a few days 😛 ).

Server seems to be back online again

Iam going to visit the server more regularly now.
Had a lot of fun playing today some hours, although no one else besides me was on there. I hope to meet somebody soon won’t give up the hope 🙂
Let’s get this server populated again as in the good old days.