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Owner’s Corner: Files and References

New Server Hardware Setup

New Server Testing Logs

New Business Class Network Mapping/Architecture

These are the scripts and config files we use to manage the server, accessible in 1 place where they will be updated as changes are made.

  • script.servermgmt.sh - Server management, run script, and quick ban/promote tool.
  • script.garbagecollector.sh - Initiates a java garbage collection; scheduled every 30 minutes by cron.
  • script.incbackup.sh - Backs up changed parts of the world maps, initiated every 30 minutes by cron.
  • script.logcleaner.sh - Automatically does regex-replace cleaning of the log file. Initiated any time the server is gracefully stopped, or can be initiated by CLI with args for input and output file.
  • script.noobreset.sh - Automatically wipes Noob World and restores it from a zipped bakcup. Currently unscheduled.
  • script.zipbackups.sh - Compress the most recent backup and make it available for download on the website. Scheduled once a week, on Sunday Night at Midnight, by cron.
  • script.monitor.sh - Monitors the server, whether on the same machine, inside the same network, or outside the network. Sends e-mail messages to owners if there's an error. Scheduled every 5 minutes by cron.
  • script.backupaccess.sh - when a backup is made it's by the user running the cron job...this fixes the access to the whole group
  • script.owneraccess.sh - this automatically fixes access to the multi-user screen session problem...sorta

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