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Raiding the Stronghold!

Lucas and I raided the stronghold!  We found it with eyes of ender, and it turns out it’s actually surface exposed in an underwater ravine.  I set up a conduit to make exploration easier and in we went.  It turns out cnc already found it, but hadn’t found the end portal yet…because it was SO HIDDEN.  This was a huge stronghold and we think we raided all of it.  We found the end portal once, I recorded the coordinates, kept exploring…then completely lost it.  I had to dig towards the coordinates to find it again.

Nevertheless it’s done, and we made a VERY LONG video documenting it.  It was an experiment in creating video assets and using replay mod…I hope the video quality goes up over time.

Capturing a Piglin Brute

I have been doing some WILD stuff lately, but the thing that has always bothered me is that, as an owner/op…I could do any of this in creative, or with commands. THAT ISN’T FAIR. So, I’ve been filming the things I’ve been doing as PROOF that it was done in a way that could be done by anyone in vanilla.

I recently got a brand new computer (I’ve been playing on a computer I bought in 2010 lol) so now I can film better; I also switched from optifine to optifabric, so I have replaymod now for cooler videos. EXPECT MORE VIDEOS AND SOME PRODUCTION TO THEM.

That being said, this is not one of those well-produced videos…this is a raw recording of Lucas and I capturing a Piglin Brute. I didn’t even think to put my brightness up lol. The NGC (Nether Gateway Command) is our nether gateway at spawn, and I want agents operating the facility (like SGC agents in Stargate). A piglin brute, being EXTREMELY rare and not respawnable without commands, seems like a terrible waste to kill. We found a bastion and tunneled to it, and then decided to bring back a brute (and maybe more) to operate the NGC. I almost screwed up massively and brought our friend through to the overworld…where he would have zombified and been a total waste. But for now, we went to the bastion, got him in a boat, made our pathway, then had him chase me back to spawn.

You’ll see some of the…challenges…playing with a 6 year old in this video (and I used an admin command to get him his stuff back when he died :/ ) but the video is a showcase to prove I GOT BRUTUS BACK TO SPAWN WITHOUT DYING AND WITHOUT CHEATS. Enjoy!

Gullopolis Sugarcane Farm

The next big farm on the sky city is a sugarcane grinder. There’s a few other farms built before this, but I haven’t filmed them yet lol…I have a new computer ready to set up which will allow for better recording.

This shop is big for a few reasons. First, we have elytras, so we need rockets. We have unlimited gunpowder from the mob grinder, and we consume rockets like mad, so we need paper. Also, we use paper to trade with librarians. It’s a pretty good resource, and it comes fast and easy.


Pranking that boy of mine…

Lucas has started pranking me. He encases me in cobblestone, he brings me down to half a heart…kid stuff. Well, he loves slimes, his skin is a rainbow slime, his house is made of slime blocks, and his birthday is tomorrow…

I have encased him with 21 dispensers (I had them already made instead of droppers) with a rapid redstone clock on them, charged by a T-flip-flip connected to a ring of heavy pressure plates. There’s a repeater to lock the circuit on once he triggers it.

Once his little rear end moves, he’ll be attacked by slimeballs from every possible angle. Happy birthday bub, welcome to the big leagues.

The Gullopolis Villager Trading Hall

A bunch of the previous farms have been building to this. We have the mob grinder, which makes bones, which make bonemeal, which makes bone blocks. It also makes rotten meat and string. We have our iron farm. We have our villager breeder and carrot farm. What do all those do when combined?

They make an ELABORATE and DENSE villager trading hall. I’ve crammed 147 villagers (10 of each of the primary 12 types, then 27 librarians) into this hall. Each villager is a master-level trader. Each armorer, toolsmith, and weaponsmith buy iron ingots, meaning every trade reset cycle I can sell 22.5 stacks of iron ingots from the iron farm. The shepherds buy string, the clerics buy rotten meat. I also have an AFK fishing farm which produces tons of cod…every farmer buys cod. We have paper, chicken, feather, leather, kelp blocks, pumpkin and melon farms too, but the amount of work means I haven’t needed to resort to those for sales. The big thing though is the librarians; some of the books are VERY expensive (Efficiency V is 63) but I can buy EVERY top-level enchanting book in the game here. I thought about zombifying/curing them, but that only works for 1 player and I can generate emeralds at a fast enough rate that it doesn’t matter.

This was an IMMENSE amount of work, ESPECIALLY grinding the librarians out. That being said, this is an EXCESSIVELY useful farm. What is now fully renewable?

  • All Diamond Tools
  • All Diamond Armor
  • Quartz Blocks
  • Redstone
  • Lapis
  • Glass
  • Arrows (including specialty)
  • Glowstone
  • Golden Carrots
  • Polished Stone
  • Item Frames
  • Paintings
  • Saddles
  • Name Tags
  • Experience (Bottles o’ Enchanting)
  • Lanterns
  • Bells
  • Shields
  • Bows
  • Crossbows
  • Fishing Rods

That’s not counting the various wools, terracottas, glazed terracottas, and countless other nonsense. It’s an intense farm but I’m super proud of the way it looks. The ONLY thing left to do is get more brewing stands; since we haven’t gotten to a fortress yet, I’ve used the 5 I’ve found in villages to get my clerics up to snuff.