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Future of Teh3l3m3nts

Hello, We had a recent bout of activity, which was great! But I suspect that 1.8 is the reason many people do not come to play any more. In fact its probably been the main reason all this year.
So, knowing this and knowing something else that I’ll let you in on:
Bukkit is the software we run to have our server, and its mods, Unfortunatly Bukkit is dead project now. It won’t be updating to 1.8, no reason to keep running 1.7.
So knowing both this, I want to start to run the server on Vanilla 1.8, this is the normal minecraft software.

I’ll be making the switch soon, I want to get peoples opinions on if we should use an existing world, or create a new world.

I’d like to add that, going this way, we will lose access to multi worlds, everything in them. We’ll lose locked chests(lockette) as well as lots of other mods.
It’s a big change, going back to the roots, but as far as I know there is no other server software we could use that is updated as frequently as vanilla server.

Server Updated

Hello, I have updated the server to 1.7.10, the latest version.
I had to disable dynmap, and some other plugins, I’ll check for updates to them at a later time.
I see that some people are playing again from before the update, but not that I have updated it hopefully we’ll get more to come back.
I would like to see more spawn buildings, and construction, There are some plots and other available land nearby to build on if you please.

Not much else to report.


Dynmap is functional again.


What the fuck!? Where is everybody…?

Not sure if this is reaching anyone, at this point. It seems the server has kind of petered out, which is somewhat disappointing considering the history that has taken place here over the past few years *sniff* *sniff*. But enough with nostalgia.

When I left, Teh3l3m3nts had a strong and thriving  population. I, myself, had grown somewhat bored of Minecraft and, with the increasing workload, did not feel the urge to allocate time towards it.

Now that I’m finally out of school and getting ready to truly relax for the first time in ages, I thought I might take a little stroll down memory lane.

What I found, however, is that memory lane is now a ghost town. Completely deserted. No blog posts since January. Nobody online. Nothing.

At first I thought I had just walked in during one of those slow periods on the server, but after 3 days of complete solitude, I have concluded that I am the sole survivor of some apocalyptic disaster that has wiped every other person off the face of the map and, yet, left the terrain and all man made creations completely unscathed.

What sort of disaster could have caused the entirety of the Teh3l3m3ntal community to just up and vanish, I don’t know. What is important now, though, is that we rebuild; reignite the flame that once burned within all of our hearts.

If anyone is out there, anyone at all who might have survived the deadly plague that ravaged our land, I ask that you join me.

Join me in continuing the expansion of this once vibrant server and one day, maybe, we will return it to its former glory.


The most modest man on Earth and 3 year Teh3l3m3nts member

– sbrough10

Yo! Possible brief downtime!

Yo, surf here. Potential brief downtime today...I'm having some work done on my house. Getting a new 70 amp sub-panel put in for the server room! Good news is vacuuming won't trip the breaker in the server closet anymore; bad news is they may have to shut the power down today for some time. I have a UPS which will keep it alive for 30-45 minutes, but it's possible we may go down for a bit.

BTW...I'm obsessed with Lego Marvel Super Heroes on the 360, you all need to play it.

Wanna Know How Much Surf Loves You?

Do you? Do you? DO YOU???

Well...I just put 4 more GB of RAM in the server, upping the amount the java process gets from 3400M -> 7000M.

That much.