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Capturing Skeleton Horses

Lucas and I got ambushed with skeleton riders one day, we captured them so we could add them to our collection. Here’s the adventure!

Capturing a Piglin Brute

I have been doing some WILD stuff lately, but the thing that has always bothered me is that, as an owner/op…I could do any of this in creative, or with commands. THAT ISN’T FAIR. So, I’ve been filming the things I’ve been doing as PROOF that it was done in a way that could be done by anyone in vanilla.

I recently got a brand new computer (I’ve been playing on a computer I bought in 2010 lol) so now I can film better; I also switched from optifine to optifabric, so I have replaymod now for cooler videos. EXPECT MORE VIDEOS AND SOME PRODUCTION TO THEM.

That being said, this is not one of those well-produced videos…this is a raw recording of Lucas and I capturing a Piglin Brute. I didn’t even think to put my brightness up lol. The NGC (Nether Gateway Command) is our nether gateway at spawn, and I want agents operating the facility (like SGC agents in Stargate). A piglin brute, being EXTREMELY rare and not respawnable without commands, seems like a terrible waste to kill. We found a bastion and tunneled to it, and then decided to bring back a brute (and maybe more) to operate the NGC. I almost screwed up massively and brought our friend through to the overworld…where he would have zombified and been a total waste. But for now, we went to the bastion, got him in a boat, made our pathway, then had him chase me back to spawn.

You’ll see some of the…challenges…playing with a 6 year old in this video (and I used an admin command to get him his stuff back when he died :/ ) but the video is a showcase to prove I GOT BRUTUS BACK TO SPAWN WITHOUT DYING AND WITHOUT CHEATS. Enjoy!

Server seems to be back online again

Iam going to visit the server more regularly now.
Had a lot of fun playing today some hours, although no one else besides me was on there. I hope to meet somebody soon won’t give up the hope 🙂
Let’s get this server populated again as in the good old days.

Just dropping in.

What up party ppl?

The Future (What do you want?)

Throwing this out there as a topic of discussion. With many players now moving on from both Teh3l3m3nts and Minecraft if general it leaves very few of us now. Over the past few months i have kept myself busy by mining huge areas and building relics of the past, but, there is only so much i can do before i become bored and this is where i find myself.

I thought to myself of the days in which there would be plenty of people on all discussing builds and ideas together and i long for those days once again. I know that those golden days can never be brought back around again but i still feel, even with this solitary confinement that it is not too late for this server.

We are (or perhaps were) a great community who wanted what was best for the server. I know (personally) what i would like to see happen for the next chapter but i shall come to that shortly. Firstly however, i would like to hear all of your opinions on the future of the server (More what should it be and what should be in it) I’m curious to hear all of this and would like to get as much feedback as possible. I ask that references to past events not be included as this for me anyway is to get a clear, clinical view on the type of server you all want to play on.

I will now list what i personally would like to see both for the server and Teh3l3m3nts website (It may be surprising).

  • New Map (Overworld, Nether and End)
  • No Plugins (Including no more Dynmap)
  • No Rules (Yes I’m asking for Anarchy, i shall explain why shortly)
  • Website completely rebuilt
  • No ranks
  • Unlimited Map size
  • PVP

The most interesting thing i would like is certainly the No Rules part and here’s why. I feel that Teh3l3m3nts has been and should be pure survival, against it all. The world, The players and everything that comes with that, including those who use exploits or hacks for their own gain. I thing that removing all bans and letting anarchy reign could ignite that spark once more of that pure survival.

Now by all means this is not what will be happening, nor do i have any control or say over how the server is run, but i would like to hear what you would all want as fellow Minecrafters and Teh3l3m3nts players.

Until the next time