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Homes DIscussion

There has been a discussion about changing the homes system.

I've added the poll below so that you may cast your vote about this.

PS, The result of the poll, is up to the owners to decide to implement, or not ;)

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    13 Responses to “Homes DIscussion”

  1. Omokisei Says:

    Guys this is a no brainer! I know for a fact a lot of you have been wanting more homes!! (As in more home spots) . Only having three has been getting in the way of building and such. I think everyone who picks keep it as it is should actually choose get more. You never know when you’ll need more homes! Plus, more is better! Also, getting rid of homes completely is quite dumb. Everyone has homes freaking thousands of cords away. That would cause a shit storm. So come on people use your heads and pick add more homes!

  2. Troom0 Says:

    If we completely removes homes and other teleports, it will spike interest in large rail systems, perhaps a netherhub project with several branches, and all the cheating of teleporting back home before dying or getting lost and simply saved by teleports will be removed. In eliminating teleports, it would give the server an MMORPG feel, one where you can travel town to town and meeting up with people would feel far more rewarding than a simple /tpa to /tpaccept system. The construction of new transportation systems would give people a reason to get on or chip in whenever you run out of ideas, and new cities would be created at resting stops between peoples houses. In general this would create a larger map with more active players and a much more fun experience. On the other hand, if you enjoy teleports, we might as well allow a place at the spawn with rows of commandblocks to teleport people anywhere they choose.

  3. Troom0 Says:

    Also if you support omo you only have 1 nut.

  4. Omokisei Says:

    Ok one, what is so bad about having one nut? Two, this is about homes not teleports. And three removing homes completely would just make things a whole lot complicated. What if your home is really far away and you die? (Assuming your bed didn’t work). Plus it is even more idiotic to remove /spawn. Just seriously. And what do you mean by branching off a nether hub? (Also who else voted to remove homes?)

  5. Omokisei Says:

    Also cnc, when is the poll over?

  6. Painkiller7 Says:

    And, Omo, the solution to your problem would be to use nether portals. If you build a portal at your build, then place one in the nether at 1/8 the cords, then one by your house, you can hop between portals, making a 8,000 block adventure in the overworld, and simple 1,000 in the nether. but i don’t think many people have to venture that far since its probably not 8,000 blocks away.

    I’ve always dreamed of having like huge trade routes between huge cities via boat/minecart, and if you can just teleport to the other guy…well that’s no fun. And if it’s not fun well whats the point?

    Teleports just in general make boats/minecarts obsolete unless they’re used for more practical reasons like going to the cheat arena or some shit like that.

  7. cncr04s Says:

    The poll runs for one month from today =D

  8. Omokisei Says:

    So April 27th. But do you think you guys will make your decision earlier ;3

  9. Omokisei Says:

    Pain that sounds complicated xD. Plus if you don’t want homes or teleporting, just don’t use them.

  10. Troom0 Says:

    It would indeed be a big project, but we all know omo doesnt like hard work. Or people.

  11. MrGoldstar1 Says:

    DAMIT! I want that vanilla server back we once had… homes just suck

  12. Omokisei Says:

    Ok now it’s personal troom! First of all, I work all the time on the server! I have builds to back it up. And not liking people? How many people do you have added on Skype from this server? Hm? Oh, am I the one who caused a big shit storm on the server over hacking? No. SO BOOM WITH YOUR ATTITUDE!

  13. Painkiller7 Says:

    If you work all the time i see no problem in making portal links. Yes it may be slightly complicated but…well it’s how you’re suppose to do it.

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