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-Final Update:

We are currently Live with Minecraft 1.7.2. If you used out stats at all, I had to reset all the stats. I haven't changed the link on the website yet but will soon. Other than that I've updated all updateable plugins to their newest versions and it seems to be working fine. You are free to explore the world.

- Update:
As I suspected, a Beta version 1.7.2 is out, Now all we have to do it wait for all our plugins that Need Updating to update, I'll work on getting all our plugins to work properly later today and hopefully get the new version on.

It's been quite a while since 1.7 came out, and well Bukkit has been slow. However the game code has changed almost completly and it takes time for everything to work the way it did in 1.6. So I would guess sometime soon we will have a beta version we can run the server on. I would like to remind any one who even comes to our website any more to remember that you can easily switch mine-craft versions in the new launcher by editing your profile and selecting 1.6.4 version we run on the server.

    4 Responses to “1.7”

  1. pirate06 Says:

    i dont mind the wait, wont play 1.7 till multiplayer :D been setting up stuff for the new biomes etc. mainly a nether rail to the new lands for people to enjoy :D

  2. KingOfThePond Says:

    “any one who even comes to our website”
    Dude, I haven’t logged in for a while but I check this dang site every day XD

    And yeah, Bukkit’s been a while. I’ve been playing single player, and I really like the update :D

  3. Omokisei Says:

    I’ve been playing lots of single player

  4. Pond Says:

    YESSSS 1.7

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