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1.6.6 Is Out, Update NOW!

Server is updated to 1.6.6 bukkit installed and we are up and running. Join up and let us know about any issues. Most of all have fun! Changelist: From Notch The Real One

    4 Responses to “1.6.6 Is Out, Update NOW!”

  1. IMGArY Says:

    SO what’s the status of this? I tried to login, it told me outdated client, so i updated. Now it keeps saying bad login, wtf?? Asscats!

  2. IMGArY Says:

    Stfu me. Fine I will

  3. Nikewarrior Says:

    hmmm, i would help but updating does the thing for everyone. I’ll help out just give me some time

  4. surfrock66 Says:

    When that happens to me, I just wait a few minutes and it’s magically fixed.

    I believe it’s unicorns.

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