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1.5 has been released and as you all know we will not be updating until bukkit get their shit together. If someone has a 1.5 server they want to share put it in the comments. If you want to continue to play on the main server make sure to backup before upgrade to 1.5.  We will post again when we make the upgrade.

Update: For server change requests when we do the update please post it in the forum here.

    4 Responses to “1.5”

  1. Strange_Turkey Says:

    I’ve got a server cant hold that many people and may lag a bit but its 1.5. I just wanted to take sure i could take the backup and put it on my server. When you get back to me saying its ok ill put the backup on my server and ill post the ip.

  2. Braxton_Miner Says:

    Well I have one as well, but it is really laggy, and it has no plugins.

  3. Boukebrink Says:

    maybe you can run a whitelisted server on the other adress: srufrock66@yourhda.com

    i still have the adress on my mc

  4. cncr04s Says:

    I’ve Set up a temporary 1.5 server on one of my temp servers. It may go down at any time.
    Address is

    Have fun. admins on there are the current admins, I won’t be around to admin the server.

    I check in here from time to time, =D however I don’t have any time to really play.

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