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1.5 is LIVE

SO, looks like the dev build is stable enough, so we're goin for it. 1.5 is live NOW!

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  1. Mike Says:


  2. Strange_Turkey Says:

    umm it might be stable but me and kat are missing a ton of stuff like my sandstone mansion

  3. Drewamon Says:

    I had built a Colosseum and now it is gone, and a huge building that Pond made no longer exists…

  4. slaytalon4 Says:

    Lots of the stuff i have done has disappeared. My cube is gone which took me hours to build parts of my town is gone and my farms that need to be replanted are empty. Also all my chests that were in my cube are gone and all the things that were in the chests in the cube is gone, which was all my redstoning and all my eggs, chest fulls of eggs. I think it is a bug. Please look into it

  5. surfrock66 Says:

    So…the news is not good. Lemme explain:

    It looks like 2 big griefs happened. Bouke tried to do a logblock rollback (totally well-intentioned), but rolled back way too far. I had to roll back to an older backup, but there was a sweet spot between before Bouke’s rollback but recent enough to catch most things built…the problem is logblock and the backups got out of sync.

    We can pull from an older backup…then things since will be disappeared. Or we can evaluate what was poof’d and allow task-specif creative to restore.

    It’s not a good situation all around…but we’re either gonna lose old stuff or new stuff, it doesn’t look like we can re-appear both, and the more messing with the map we do the more unhinged things get.


  6. KingOfThePond Says:

    I’d prefer and older rollback; we had a lot of unsorted things and are unsure of inventory. Also, creative fixing what we’ve done will still be a pain XD

  7. surfrock66 Says:

    What’s the point in time we’re talking? I rolled back to 3/23/2013 at 10:05AM PST. If we’re going further back (btw…just for the spawn region, areas that are 512×1512 blocks) when are we talking going back to?

    If it’s too far back…we need to put it to a vote…also remember people are building now…the longer we wait the mroe their crap suffers :/

  8. cncr04s Says:

    It sounds as if every one across the map lost weeks of work.

    It should be a simple matter of picking a snapshot from before any greif, you cp -L the folder (main_world i would guess) into the server directory, taking care to remove the entire griefed map folder before you copy. I assume you kept the system I left in place?

  9. Troom0 Says:

    Dude, my shit is rolled back to a month ago. if it was just 3 days i would be alright but WHAT THE FUCK HALF MY CASTLE IS DISAPPEARED ALONG WITH ALL MY SPECIALIZED ENTITIES

  10. Omokisei Says:

    So is it still going 1.5? PLEAASSEE!!! Oh and I didn’t really build anything recently that I can recall of. So I would rather keep older things.

  11. surfrock66 Says:

    Let me explain more…

    The epic roll-backetry globally APPEARS to be from an improperly executed lb (logblock) command.

    Then, to fix it, thinking the affected areas were only near spawn…I just moved the region files from the immediate spawn area from the backup into the main folder.

    For the people with months of rollback loss…can you tell me how far away from spawn it was, like coords? And was it all in main world? If that’s the case…I’ll just move the rest of the map over, shouldn’t be too hard.

  12. cncr04s Says:

    cp -L the whole world, its the easyest way.

  13. KingOfThePond Says:

    Maybe a month or two of work, but that’s pretty much everything valuable since we’ve done with a spur of activity. I /mailed you our coordinates.

  14. Omokisei Says:

    Wait….months lost? ;__;

  15. KingOfThePond Says:

    Fixed! You rock surf… cuz… surfROCK66?

  16. surfrock66 Says:

    I think I fixed it…please log in and check…

    If so I get to award myself with shots of everclear.

  17. Braxton_Miner Says:


  18. Braxton_Miner Says:

    Lol suffrock you drink up

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