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1.5 announcement

Hey everyone,

Bouke here, I've done some testing in the new snapshots for 1.5, The Redstoneupdate and I've come to some serious conclusions. As for the snapshot 13W01b ALL BUD's dont work or are not reliable. So if you have a redstone contraption relying on BUD's (that includes redstonelamp BUD's and piston BUD's) try to rebuild them offline in the new snapshot to see if they still work or try to fix them.

I thought it was important to inform you well before the update so, you have enough time to think of a solution.

Love, BoukeBrink

PS, this(below) still works


Legen: P= Piston, B= Block, RS= Redstone, L=Redstone source

    4 Responses to “1.5 announcement”

  1. kitty (cambodai) Says:

    I don’t understand any of this redstone stuff what is a BUD?

  2. Boukebrink Says:

    Block update detector. Example: if you hit a redstone ore it gets replaced by glowing redstone ore for a while. The redstone ore gets updated. Most redstoners(people who are very good at redstone) exploit this glitch with pistons or redstone lamps.

  3. Omokisei Says:

    Won’t it be fixed before it is released? So no worries!

  4. Boukebrink Says:

    The BUD’s rely on redstone glitches. Mojang said that most BUD’s will break in 1.5

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